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That picture of the baby girl from Motaz's IG.

Lemmy sucks

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Russian plot to kill European weapons chief foiled by US and Germany
  • The later NATO gets into the conflict the longer Russia burns themselves out uncontested. If they're not farming the enemy for resources, as defensive alliances don't do, then they'll probably enter the conflict with an overwhelming resource advantage. That's the strategic angle, and from what I've heard NATO hasn't exactly taken this lying down either.

  • Saudi Arabia Threatened to Sell Off Europe’s Bonds If EU Seized Russian Assets
  • Money is not true value, currency is a placeholder for true value that is used to facilitate trade. Rich people are worth less than the profits they extract from coordinating labor. But they extract enough to think they're still better than those they exploit.

  • Nato summit: Ukraine on 'irreversible path' to membership
  • That's funny because Ukraine gave up their nukes and Russia signed the agreement to defend their territorial integrity. Russia's feelings are irrelevant and if they want to nuke us all so they can get out of a contract they signed, that's their problem.

    Another thing is you can appease someone completely in reality and people like Vladimir Putin will just turn around and say it's still not enough.

  • European leader wonders why 'no one is asking about' Trump’s 'bizarre' ramblings: Senate Dem
  • It is politically incorrect to imply that Israel wants Trump and Zionists run the media, but I think that pretty much wraps it up neatly. The CNN hosted debate was an abomination and when AIPAC campaign donations get spent on ad buys, the media are the ones who end up with that money. Incidentally they gave Trump mountains of free media, remember the empty podiums? Dark money is not just a national security issue it's an international security issue. France knows this.

  • 'Blitz primary' could open up Democratic race if Biden drops out
  • How? Fascist bullshit, that's how. It's basically heads I win tails you lose, except heads is the legalistic authoritarian frameworks abide and we get our choice of shit sandwich in the general and tails is complete collapse of the old republic into the new American unitary executive empire.

  • More People Make 'No-Buy Year' Pledges as Overspending or Climate Worries Catch Up With Them
  • I see articles like this every couple of weeks and I get the impression that they're trying to find alternative explanations for trends caused by poverty. It's hard to develop let alone understand or recognize healthy spending habits when your choices are to pay bills or go hungry.

  • America, Don’t Succumb to Escapism
  • It looks like the title of an article with a URL underneath it.

    It looks like you're still giving Biden credit for Netanyahu's actions.

    Do you know how Congress has operated for the last 15 years? It hasn't. The Biden administration effectively has to bypass Congress for anything they want to do. I don't really like it but I'm not stupid enough to fall for a bullshit argument especially not when it gives Netanyahu a pass for killing the people you think you're defending.