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germtm_ germtm.

a Half-Life nutjob and an idiotic smartass. more of a listener than an active conversationalist. 🙃

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FlatOut 1, 2 and Ultimate Carnage all get Steam Workshop support, Steam Deck verification in new updates
  • never in my entire life would have i expected Workshop support for classic FlatOut games.

  • But now I understand how it works
  • this exact model of the pen is the type i used to dismantle the most.

  • Did you rule?
  • this picture gives me analog horror vibes.

  • TIL Instant Ramens are safe to eat raw and are considered a savoury crunchy snack in many countries
  • dry ramen is the cheapest snack money can buy. especially in Eastern Europe.

  • Thank You!
  • i think Black Mesa had a notice like this.

  • GuessThe.Game #795
  • #GuessTheGame #795

    🎮 🟥 🟩 ⬜ ⬜ ⬜ ⬜


  • Straight up Facts
  • is it real if the house is on the ocean?

  • The summer sale is LIVE with a beautiful artwork <3
  • looks like she already became the de-facto mascot of Steam.

  • lemmy test how ur client handles long posts
  • for me, it's weird. sometimes the long post shows up fine, but other times it's blank until i click on the image itself.

  • Always remember who you are
  • good ol' Inspirobot.

  • Ice cream sandwich has some funny ad reads
  • me using SponsorBlock: what ad?

  • Caption This
  • that one scene from Tom and Jerry where Tom hires some goons to hunt Jerry.

  • You control the children you created (the sims)
  • why do we all have to wear these ridiculous ties?

  • You control the children you created (the sims)
  • a bunch of dumbass scientists shove a cool crystal into a big device that somehow leads to several alien invasions.

  • Testing please ignore
  • works for me, at least. it is indeed animated.

  • Testing please ignore
  • apologies for not ignoring, but i must mention this works on Jerboa!

  • Christian Life International
  • didn't know command-line interfaces were religious.

  • In June of all months... (Rule)
  • you're mistaken, since that term refers to the outermost atmospheric layer of the Sun. the term you might want to use here is "histogram".

  • R.I.P. Goodest of Girls
  • a legend of the internet. o7

  • i misread the text on the original meme, which made me create this edit.

    here's the original for anyone curious:



    only needing a shitty connection to play.


    the horrors of falling for a Linux trap.


    Freeman gone.


    an empty shell of a {poke}man.


    don't let your dreams be memes.


    movie night.


    i hate myself.


    existence is pain.


    we need to get the ball rolling.