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Roko puts self on ice floe, saving us the trouble
  • Roko is of course begging the question, and the premise he is wrong about is that there is a sizable population willing to relocate to a floating iceberg, instead of living in an existing country.

    Consider what the proposed citizens have to consent to:

    • paying for the R&D required to implement the technical solutions Roko envisions, along with the continued higher maintenance costs
    • paying higher wages for the people who are supposed to do all the boring menial jobs in this floating city, on par with existing cities
    • paying higher daily cost of living for everything from food to building supplies to luxuries to entertainment that have to be imported
    • being at the mercy of "legacy governments", many of whom possess navies capable of everything from interdicting the food supply, to literally undermining the city from below, to actual assaults and airstrikes
    • paying higher prices for insurance of their lives and dwellings and possessions because of all the above

    Amusingly the solution for a libertarian city is a megastructure project probably only a rich nation is prepared to pay for.

  • How bad is the Granbury bitcoin mine really?
  • This is the unsolved issue for future fusion plants. They will probably be used to generate electric power via steam, just like fission. It’s a proven, cheap technology. But that water has to be cooled somehow- and it has to exist in a pure enough form in the first place.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • Now that's the kind of stuff that makes puppies sad...

    (New wave SF is a bit of a blind spot for me. Never really read any Delany, even though his autobio is one the best I've read)

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • Thanks for posting this. I live in Sweden and many of these actors are new to me.

    FWIW we have our own word for people who try to hijack the judicial system with spurious lawsuits etc: rättshaverist ("justice wrecker"). I don't believe the Roman/German law system really meshes well with the SovCit movement in common law systems, but I'm sure people are trying to apply it.

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • Gotta love how the SRD thread has more comments and updoots than the original.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 14 July 2024
  • Man there was a long thread about different forms of self-identifying as Muslim that was finally purged by mods after 2 days.

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • The site does tend to fall over if there are more than 300 comments on a post…

  • Inside the 'Nightmare' Health Crisis of a Texas Bitcoin Town
  • It's not a conventional data center. It's a bunch of containers containing mining hardware with giant fans blowing through them. This is obvious from the header image of the article.

  • That tracing woodgrains peice on David Gerard is out
  • NGL the AI generated image make DG look cool AF

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • inorite, it's legit amazing

    like there's 2 mangas about being a receptionist in a magical guild

    "you can be anything you want in another world, why not settle for being an office lady like IRL"

  • rationalists discuss: does testosterone make you stupid?
  • I Left My Blogger's Life To Become An S-Rank Rationalist Cult Leader In A Bay Area Group House

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 7 July 2024
  • Expect promptheads to dismiss this as being the ramblings of a "DEI hire" because they're confused by the dual use of "equity" in their title.

  • After a 10-Year Wait, Mt. Gox Bitcoin Is Finally Being Returned
  • love how instead of celebrating the process of justice - where purloined goods are returned to their owners - coiners are fretting that releasing these coins now is an attack on the BTC price, because it's so thinly traded that people trying to realize gains are gonna tank the price.

  • Stubsack: weekly thread for sneers not worth an entire post, week ending Sunday 7 July 2024
  • I honestly went off M-Banks after finding out Bezos and Musk were huge fans. Bit unfair Banks is dead so he can't rip those assholes a new one. (wonder if Veppers in Surface Detail is inspired by one of them)

    edit it's been ages since I've read this books so I've been checking the plots on Wikipedia. For Surface Detail we get

    On an episode of Lex Fridman's podcast released on April 29, 2022, the artist Grimes said that Surface Detail of the Culture series is the greatest science fiction book ever written.


  • Martin Shkreli claims to have been behind a Donald Trump memecoin

    After Arkham Intelligence announced a $150,000 bounty for anyone who could prove the identity of the person behind a Donald Trump memecoin called $DJT, blockchain sleuth zachxbt quickly rose to the occasion. He submitted evidence that Martin Shkreli, the "pharma bro" who spent years in federal priso...

    Martin Shkreli claims to have been behind a Donald Trump memecoin

    This season's showrunners are so lazy, just re-using the same old plots and antagonists.


    In an attempt to secure the libertarian vote, Trump promises to pardon Dread Pirate Roberts (while calling for the death penalty for other drug dealers) Ross Ulbricht - Lawyers, Guns & Money

    Trump: Donald Trump promised to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the online illegal drug marketplace Silk Road, in a raucous speech before the Libertarian National Convention on Saturday night. “And if you vote for me, on Day One, I will commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht,” t...

    Ross Ulbricht - Lawyers, Guns & Money
    6 Flood of AI-Generated Submissions ‘Final Straw’ for Small 22-Year-Old Publisher

    “The problem with AI is the people who use AI. They don't respect the written word,” the founder of Bards and Sages said.

    Flood of AI-Generated Submissions ‘Final Straw’ for Small 22-Year-Old Publisher

    > “It is soulless. There is no personality to it. There is no voice. Read a bunch of dialogue in an AI generated story and all the dialogue reads the same. No character personality comes through,” she said. Generated text also tends to lack a strong sense of place, she’s observed; the settings of the stories are either overly-detailed for popular locations, or too vague, because large language models can’t imagine new worlds and can only draw from existing works that have been scraped into its training data.


    Turns out that the basic mistakes spider runners fixed in the late 90s are arcane forgotten knowledge to our current "AI" overlords


    AI grifters con the US gov that AGI poses "existential risk" U.S. Must Act Quickly to Avoid Risks From AI, Report Says

    The U.S. government must move “decisively” to avert an “extinction-level threat" to humanity from AI, says a government-commissioned report

    U.S. Must Act Quickly to Avoid Risks From AI, Report Says

    The grifters in question:

    > Jeremie and Edouard Harris, the CEO and CTO of Gladstone respectively, have been briefing the U.S. government on the risks of AI since 2021. The duo, who are brothers [...]

    Edouard's website:, and on LessWrong:

    Jeremie's LinkedIn:

    The company website:


    "The Obscene Energy Demands of A.I." - hackernews discussion

    HN reacts to a New Yorker piece on the "obscene energy demands of AI" with exactly the same arguments coiners use when confronted with the energy cost of blockchain - the product is valuable in of itself, demands for more energy will spur investment in energy generation, and what about the energy costs of painting oil on canvas, hmmmmmm??????

    Maybe it's just my newness antennae needing calibrating, but I do feel the extreme energy requirements for what's arguably just a frivolous toy is gonna cause AI boosters big problems, especially as energy demands ramp up in the US in the warmer months. Expect the narrative to adjust to counter it.

    36 Elon Musk’s legal case against OpenAI is hilariously bad

    Elon Musk’s greatest legacy will be as a provider of inane law school exam hypotheticals.

    Elon Musk’s legal case against OpenAI is hilariously bad

    Yes, I know it's a Verge link, but I found the explanation of the legal failings quite funny, and I think it's "important" we keep track of which obscenely rich people are mad at each other so we can choose which of their kingdoms to be serfs in.


    Some interesting tidbits in this ElReg story about "AI Dean Phillips" Developer of Dean Phillips bot suspended by OpenAI

    Biden's challenger model shot down despite super PAC support

    Developer of Dean Phillips bot suspended by OpenAI

    Apologies for the link to The Register...

    Dean Phillips is your classic ratfucking candidate, attempting to siphon off support from the incumbent to help their opponent. After a brief flare of hype before the (unofficial) NH primary, he seems to have flamed out by revealing his master plan too early.

    Anyway, apparently some outfit called "Delphi" tried to create an AI version of him via a SuperPAC and got their OpenAI API access banned for their pains.

    Quoth ElReg:

    > Not even the presence of Matt Krisiloff, a founding member of OpenAI, at the head of the PAC made a difference.

    > The pair have reportedly raised millions for We Deserve Better, driven in part by a $1 million donation from hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, who described his funding of the super PAC as "the largest investment I have ever made in someone running for office."

    So the same asshole who is combating "woke" and DEI is bankrolling Phillips, supposed to be the new Bernie. Got it.

    bless this jank gerikson

    cannot login using mobile Firefox

    Anyone else have this problem? It’s been bothering me for a while and is the last thing keeping me using mobile Chrome.

    On the login page , after entering username and password, the “login” button does nothing. It might slightly change color but I am not directed to the site logged in, nor do I get an error.

    platform: iOS

    The username and password are entered automatically via either Firefox’s password store, or iOS’.


    Looking for: random raytracing program

    Years ago (we're talking decades) I ran into a small program that randomly generated raytraced images (think transparent orbs, lens flares, reflection etc), suitable for saving as wallpapers. It was a C/C++ program that ran on Linux. I've long since lost the name and the source code, and I wonder if there's anything like that out there now?


    The official Advent of Code 2023 thread

    Rules: no spoilers.

    The other rules are made up as we go along.

    Share code by link to a forge, home page, pastebin (Eric Wastl has one here) or code section in a comment.


    Any interest in an Advent of Code thread?

    The wider community is still on Reddit, I wonder if there’s an interest to have a small alternative?

    If not, what’s a good Lemmy instance for these things?


    ScottA is annoyed EA has a bad name now In Continued Defense Of Effective Altruism

    "All you do is cause boardroom drama, and maybe some other things I’m forgetting..."

    In Continued Defense Of Effective Altruism

    In a since deleted thread on another site, I wrote

    > For the OG effective altruists, it’s imperative to rebrand the kooky ultra-utilitarianists as something else. TESCREAL is the term adopted by their opponents.

    Looks like great minds think alike! The EA's need to up their google juice so people searching for the term find malaria nets, not FTX. Good luck on that, Scott!

    The HN comments are ok, with this hilarious sentence

    > I go to LessWrong, ACX, and sometimes EA meetups. Why? Mainly because it's like the HackerNews comment section but in person.

    What's the German term for a recommendation that's the exact opposite?


    We don't even have Universal Basic Income yet but libertarians are already arguing it's too large

    [this is probably off-topic for this forum, but I found it on HN so...]

    Edit "enjoy" the discussion:


    Blinded by the light: ignoring useless regulation, NFT conf organizers use sterilizing UV lighting instead of blacklights. All my apes in ER.

    Title is ... editorialized.


    Once again, "AI" is revealed to be an army of mechanical turks in a call center. - JWZ


    "The best way to profit from AI" AI fever turns Anguilla’s “.ai” domain into a digital gold mine

    Tiny island country could rake in 10% of its GDP in domain sales this year.

    AI fever turns Anguilla’s “.ai” domain into a digital gold mine

    Title quote stolen from JZW:

    Yet again, the best way to profit from a gold rush is to sell shovels.


    Steven Pinker: The World's Most Annoying Man


    That didn't take long: cryptobro realizes that blockchains is what LLMs crave. Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

    On Decentralized Cryptographically Secure Neural Agents

    Decentralized Artificial Intelligence

    > After several months of reflection, I’ve come to only one conclusion: a cryptographically secure, decentralized ledger is the only solution to making AI safer.

    Quelle surprise

    > There also needs to be an incentive to contribute training data. People should be rewarded when they choose to contribute their data (DeSo is doing this) and even more so for labeling their data.

    Get pennies for enabling the systems that will put you out of work. Sounds like a great deal!

    > All of this may sound a little ridiculous but it’s not. In fact, the work has already begun by the former CTO of OpenSea.

    I dunno, that does make it sound ridiculous.


    "Be your own bank" reaches logical end stage as hackers are mining LastPass breach for crypto accounts to loot

    "Oh no! - Anyway" meme intensifies.