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Help for getting started with hardware
  • I have a Chinese minipc (N100 , passive cooling, two network) with proxmox installed, with some vms and some containers running all kind of things in docker too. With an old external usb hdd 4tb plugged in . And Tailscale . Backing up all my shit with rclone crypt to a cheap office365 family plan (4tb) .I have all the self hosting I want for a total … 200 bucks .

  • Bluey, le dessin animé préféré des parents du monde entier
  • I had to remove Bluey from my daughter Jellyfin profile because everythime after watching it the aftermath was having her connected to a 380 volt electric plug for the whole day. It heavily over estimulates children. I’m not saying it is not good, it’s great! But not for kids .

  • Japan’s births just fell to a new record low. Tokyo hopes a dating app can turn that around
  • Why? To put your most beloved ones inside the meat machine? To be the fuel for the abusive and unfair social system? Why the fuck people would like to do that? Societies, families are globally DESTROYED after so many decades of constant abuse and pressure .

  • Is Microsoft trying to commit suicide?
  • Global society is trying to commit suicide . It’s a normal behaviour when anyone gives a single fuck of common things. Everyone there is trying to make it and just leave . Most corporations is happening the same and I think is happening in societies too. There is nothing left to fight for in community.

  • Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds - Expansion Announcement
  • Amazing!. I have been playing in a constant manner since mid POF, and it’s been the only mmorpg that managed to keep me playing. And I have played all of them to end game. If any of you have any doubts playing gw2, just jump on it is imo the most consistent mmorpg nowadays.