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Damning Report on Judge Cannon Reveals She’s Prone to Exploitation
  • That is an extremely difficult task without a mountain of evidence of wrongdoing and a Republican house which is the one with the power of impeachment.

  • Transformations
  • One is a reversible operation

  • Crime
  • Are you generalizing an entire population because it's where they were born... Seems fair :/

  • I need to do laundry
  • ...should have put the mantle in rolls.

  • I need to do laundry
  • But that part is true. We see these huge seismic anomalies at the core-mantle boundary that many think is a "slab graveyard" (e.g. ).

  • What 16th century Ottomans thought Europe looked like on top of an actual map of Europe
  • What's really interesting is the mild longitudinal shifts while latitudes are really good. No doubt this was in large part because we can use the direction of the sun and stars to get North or South, but for east or west you were much more dependent on precision timekeeping.

  • Dog date
  • Gotta raise your pinky claw when sipping at it

  • On self-driving, Waymo is playing chess while Tesla plays checkers
  • A couple things#

    I like the INS approach, but couple that with cameras to correct for random walk error (this is much like our eyes correcting for our inner ear.)

    I think the issue with Google maps requiring GPS differentials for getting your trajectory has mostly to do with it being agnostic of your phone's orientation while moving.

  • A demonstration of the USA's latching mechanism
  • I'm down with that (or possibly up for it)

  • Diet goals
  • Calories only exist in 2D

  • At Justice Alito’s House, a ‘Stop the Steal’ Symbol on Display
  • You should visit Canada... Though, to be honest, they're not flying American Flags

  • What's your favorite budget "little treat"?
  • You can't just lay that out there without giving us the deets on how to create it ourselves

  • Record-breaking increase in CO2 levels in world’s atmosphere
  • Just so you know, each of the headlines you posted suggested that China's consumption of coal is more than ever before, in agreement with the prior poster. Also clean coal has nothing to do with CO2 reduction, it's scrubbing other nasties like SO2.

    It's good that they're expecting this to max out imminently, but it's still a max.

  • daily discussions?

    So, are we going to try daily, or weekly discussions as there was on that other site? Could use this as a starter for today Saturday , June 24, 2023

    Speak your mind fellow ATLiens