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End homelessness with this one weird trick!
  • If everyone voted for a wealth tax we could have small apartments and counseling for the homeless. No more homeless in our streets. :) the surplus of cash could also improve our infrastructure. More public transportation and bullet trains 😉

  • Hehe
  • Half the time I've doordashed I swear the driver eats some of my food.

    I call the restaurant due to the missing food and they don't understand why when they double checked the order.

    Yeah... I don't door dash anymore.

  • Mr Beast is an evil guy that show how capitalisim can turn poor people into clowns to entertain rich people.
  • I always see Mr. Beast get a lot of hate every once in a while....and I get that he has a accumulated an insane amount of wealth and fame as a kid which has given him a "unique" look on this world.

    But as far as we know the know... Now in adulthood, the guy has yet to actually do anything horrible.

    I mean the only thing he is guilty of is having a massive following of mindless people that feed him more eyes.

    Yet people keep constantly hating on him for this. Idk if they wish they had his money, fame or what the deal is.

    I see true evils happening in the world all the time yet someone always posts this focused hate on this Mr. Beast dude.

    I don't think the hate is gonna stop until he is as destitute as the rest of us.

    Being in obnoxious is not a crime.

    Majority of jobs here in the USA exploit and humiliate a lot more than any of these videos.

    That's all for my rant. Ty.

  • Roku’s Ultimatum: Surrender Jury Trial Rights or Lose Access to Your TVs
  • Interesting take... If we desire to use the full advertised features of a product we own we are part of the problem.

    I suggest some self love and an open mind to learn and adapt. It's okay though not everyone is capable of this.

  • Pop up - sr holding management llc

    Keep getting this pop up asking me to allow it to manage my PC. IDK what it is or how to get rid of it. Happens every time I restart.

    Any help is appreciated.