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Wells Fargo fires workers over fake keyboard activity
  • Wells Fargo upset over some fake inputs?

    Maybe they should have just created some fake employees to do this work like they opened fake accounts for people who never asked for them.

  • I need to preorder this this weekend.

  • Tesla in self-drive mode slams into police car in Orange County
  • If only it were that simple. WE are all the test subjects in this case whether we like it or not.

  • iOS 18 in one image. What are you most excited for?
  • Lots of updates coming to the ios calculator with ios18. They obviously focused on the ipad version because it has the written math notes stuff, but a lot of those features are coming to the iphone, too.

    The current calculator has had a lot more options if you turn the phone sideways, but no one ever does that. Personally, I'm a pCalc guy.

  • iOS 18 in one image. What are you most excited for?
  • RCS, I suppose, so we can stop hearing about it.

  • Apple AI vs. Microsoft AI
  • Yeah, I agree with this take, though I did see an article that quoted Tim as saying they wouldn't be able to totally get rid of hallucinations, so I'm still a little reserved on it all.

  • Apple AI vs. Microsoft AI
  • The biggest thing in the last couple of weeks is Microsoft showing off the half baked Recall "feature" that let your computer take photos of basically everything you do. The idea that you could search for something you did in the past using normal language is interesting, but the implementation was terrible. So that's a big strike against MS, so much so they now are recalling the beta release of that. MS doesn't have a good track record with things that are supposed to be local that somehow end up not local; I believe there was a big issue on xbox where local screenshots were still being monitored by the cloud somewhere. MS also loves shoving ads down your throat and turning back on features you have explicitly turned off. There's no trust.

    Apple certainly has their own issues, but as others have said, they have at least outwardly been a privacy first company, at least in marketing materials. They were one of the first to build in "secure enclaves" into phones and PCs so biometrics couldn't get off of your device, for example. There's a bit of a history, earned or otherwise, that Apple isn't doing bad things with your data, so when they say their AI junk is private it's easier to swallow.

    That said, I still have yet to find a use for any of this AI junk across all platforms. I wish it all just stayed in the realm of intelligently making your photos a little sharper or whatever and not hallucinating things out of whole cloth. I'm actually happy my iPhone isn't new enough to take advantage of this new stuff.

  • Introducing Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • That's fair.

    Hopefully there's a toggle to turn it off.

  • Introducing Apple Intelligence for iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • At least Apple isn't taking a screenshot of your device every three seconds and saving it in plain text.

  • A Four-Hour-Long Hotel Review That Is Actually About So Much More
  • Ha, I said the same thing to myself when I saw this.

  • iOS 18 Siri will feature advanced in-app functionality - Here's what's new
  • Just let it understand the word “and” and I’ll be happy.

  • Elon Musk has been getting Trumpier. A direct line to Trump may be next | CNN Business
  • “A direct line” has already happened.

    I’m pretty sure I saw an article on here in the last week about how they talk to each other.

  • Apple might reveal a new “Passwords” app next week
  • I’ve been trying to get my parents to use a password manager for years now. They have a piece of paper with a bunch of passwords on that’s one coffee spill away from a disaster.

    I’ve tried getting them to use Bitwarden or any other simple manager, but nothing has stuck.

    A “default” one from Apple, might, though. They are more amenable to stuff “built in” (that will also not be hidden down in some settings menus like how the current iOS passwords are stored.) So bring it on.

  • [Post Game] 6 JUN 2024 - NBA FINALS GAME 1
  • This is a tough call to know who to root for.

    I don’t really care about either team, soooo Celtics?

  • Like a Dragon: Yakuza Live-Action Series Announced for Amazon Prime Video This Fall
  • I like the games but hate Amazon so I’ll skip it.

    But hopefully the show itself is good.

  • Windows Recall demands an extraordinary level of trust that Microsoft hasn’t earned | Op-ed: The risks to Recall are way too high for security to be secondary
  • Sure but not built in where you can then do an OS search like “find me text from the call I was just on where it showed their password for a moment.”

  • Windows Recall demands an extraordinary level of trust that Microsoft hasn’t earned | Op-ed: The risks to Recall are way too high for security to be secondary
  • Something I didn't think about until I saw someone making a post about it on Mastodon is that you may not have to worry about just YOUR PC, but what happens when you are on a zoom call or using another screen sharing app and THEIR PC is taking screen shots?

    Now you just can't worry about your own machine, but every machine out there that might interact with you in that type of way could be capturing data. And if you accidentally have your email up or maybe a password manager, could their PC just be gobbling that up without you knowing?

  • ‘No way out without bloodshed’: the right believe the US is under threat and are mobilizing
  • Guy in a MAGA hat, running: "...the US is under threat..."

    Goose, chasing: "under threat by who, motherfucker??"

  • Don't expect big reveals at Summer Games Fest, says Geoff Keighley
  • Someone, for the love of god, just announce when Silksong will come out, already.

  • OKC Thunder garretble

    Shai End of Season Interview 2023-2024

    OKC Thunder garretble

    The OKC Thunder Are Putting The NBA on NOTICE

    Inject it into my veins.

    OKC Thunder garretble Aleksej Pokuševski Waived by Thunder; Was 2020 1st-Round NBA Draft Pick

    Four years removed from being a first-round draft pick, Aleksej Pokuševski's tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder has come to an end. The Thunder announced…

    Aleksej Pokuševski Waived by Thunder; Was 2020 1st-Round NBA Draft Pick


    > Four years removed from being a first-round draft pick, Aleksej Pokuševski's tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder has come to an end.

    > The Thunder announced on Friday they have waived the 22-year-old forward.

    > Pokuševski was originally selected with the 17th overall pick in the 2020 draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves, who traded his rights to Oklahoma City in a three-team deal that also involved the New York Knicks. He was the youngest player in that draft class The trade has turned out to be very notable for all three teams involved. Minnesota acquired the draft rights to Jaden McDaniels, while the Knicks got the rights to Immanuel Quickley.

    1 NBA All-Star Game 2024 Rosters: Captains, Starters Revealed for East vs. West Format

    Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo will once again serve as captains for the NBA All-Star Game. The…

    NBA All-Star Game 2024 Rosters: Captains, Starters Revealed for East vs. West Format

    From an iPad user: Thanks!

    I just started using this app today after wading through bug after bug with Voyager. Like many, Apollo was my go-to app for years and years, so it’s natural to gravitate to the one that looks exactly like it.

    However, I consume this type of content mostly on my iPad, and often I’m using Stage Manager with an external KB and trackpad. Voyager in this mode barely works, so I’m just making a post here to say thanks for making this app feel great in this mode. 😎

    OKC Thunder garretble

    Celtics defensive mistakes vs Thunder | Jan 2, 2024

    This came up in my YouTube recommendations, and it’s pretty fun to watch as a Thunder fan.

    OKC Thunder garretble

    GG Refs who had money on GS

    I really try to not complain about the refs, but that was one of the worst calls of all time.

    OKC Thunder garretble

    Chet > Wemby

    I was at the game tonight, and based off of the fact that Chet got more points and he’s on our team and I’m biased, I officially declare Chet the better player.

    This long boi rivalry has officially begun.

    (Realtalk: it was very fun to watch both of them play. This is going to be a good season.)


    Really Strange Messages bug (iPadOS only it seems)

    So I have a weird one for you guys, and I’d like to see if anyone has ever come up across this one.

    This is a Messages bug, and as far as I can tell it’s only on iPad since I’ve never seen this on my phone that has the same chats in it.

    Basically it goes like this: I have a group chat with a few friends, and on iPad every so often when I open Messages and it’s on that chat (since that was the last place I left off) it’ll show me not the current state of the chat, but three messages (and only those three messages) from somewhere back in 2022.

    I can only scroll up and down as far as those three messages will allow. It’s as if those are the only messages available to me.

    However, if I tap the group chat again in the list, it goes back to normal. Loads everything and is fine.

    I’ve never seen this happen on my phone, just my iPad. I was hoping the new update would fix it, but alas.

    Has anyone ever run into this? I’m about to just tell them we need a new group chat.


    Foundation Opening Credits

    This might be kind of a weird post, but I want to see if anyone experiences the same thing as I do.

    First of all, I think the Foundation opening credits are awesome. Maybe some of my favorites ever, really. Really visually stunning and the score is excellent.

    But it’s the mix of the score that I want to talk about. Does anyone else feel like the opening music is…”flat?” At no point in this epic audio does my sub kick in to fill out the brass or percussion. When the final logo slams onto the screen, there is technically a big hit in the score, but, just, nothing from the low end of the spectrum. I feel like I should feel that hit in my bones, and there’s nothing.

    The show itself sounds great. Full sound stage; the ships rumble my room and explosions or gunfire are punchy.

    But, yeah, just curious if anyone else has ever thought about this. It just makes me sad because the credits are SO COOL only to feel like the music is kept in this narrow band of sound.


    Help With Some Mods

    So in my quest to finish all the main Final Fantasy games, I’m down to FF3, FF5, and FF11. This week I’ve been playing the trial some to get my bearings, and while I’ve installed a few quality of life mods, I have maybe a couple of questions.

    The first is that I was watching this video, and in it they mention a mod to allow the game to utilize more ram. A 4GB patch by someone named Thorny. For the life of me I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone out there know of a place it still exists?

    Also, what are some of you guys’ favorites? I’m using Windower and have an alright set up now with some of, what I assume, are the staples (the map one, the one that makes you party window like FF14). But I’d like to know what the community thinks are pretty essential.


    EDIT: Oof, I didn’t realize that the link that was mentioned in the video included the 4GB patch! I now have it all fixed up.

    OKC Thunder garretble

    So is this the year?

    • Chet is back and healthy, looking good in summer league.
    • Wallace looks like he’ll be a good addition.
    • We were one bad game away from the playoffs last year

    So…is this the year we start really trying? Not saying were weren’t trying before, but you know what I mean.

    If not, what other pieces do we actually need? We can’t just keep waiting on new draft picks and waiting on them to get their NBA legs year after year.

    OKC Thunder garretble

    [Suggestion] Add Thunder schedule to sidebar

    This could simply be the link to the official schedule, but it might be nice to have that listed for easy clickin’:


    [Feature Request] Highlight your own comments

    While browsing posts, it may be nice to have either a different background color or some sort of identifier on your own comments to easily pick them out of the crowd as you scroll.


    How Long Have You Played This Game?

    I recently was thinking about how long I've been playing the game, and I'm curious about you lot.

    I haven't done an official /playtime in a while, but this year being the 10th anniversary of A Realm Reborn, I recall my days and nights early in 2013 playing the beta tests on my PS3. At the time, I was living with a friend of mine, and we had two TVs in the living room going as we got our temporary characters up to level 20 over a weekend only for those characters to be wiped out.

    But it was fun running through that early game, learning the systems, getting reminded why leaving WoW was a good idea (not a single person asked about my DPS! maybe my whole time in this game, actually.).

    So after ten years of playing my favorite little Lala, I look forward to seeing where this story goes from here.

    How about you all? What's your story?


    Rate My Lily 58

    I had some wrist issues a couple of years ago and that pushed me to go to the split keyboard route.

    I really love this keyboard. I’m someone who actually quite likes the low profile, laptop style keys, so I didn’t know if I’d enjoy this set up. But I quickly grew to love it.

    Bright lights and flashing stuff isn’t really my thing, so I’m really glad I was able to find these keycaps that’s just look nice and clean. Underneath are the most silent cherry reds I could find (I’m also not a big fan out loud keyboards. Blasphemy, I know! 😃).

    And for my biggest nerd cred: I’m so glad I can save my precious Dvorak layout straight to the keyboard. No longer have to deal with Windows’ layout switching.