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SpaceX's Starlink May Be Keeping the Ozone From Healing, Research Finds
  • Maybe I didn't get my facts straight, but iirc there are around 7.5k satellites up there, with starlink current count about 5.5k. And I think I read they got the greenlight for the 7.5k gen 2 sats launches.
    That looks like a scale change to me. Associated with the short lifespan (which contrasts with the situation 30 years ago, where launches were more expensive), it's kind of a new situation and should have warranted a more careful approach.

    So musk isn't the first one to launch satellites, I agree. But the way it's done is kinda new, and mostly on the worse side. And I'm not saying the old way was good, and not absolving previous actors from responsability in the pollution.

  • SpaceX's Starlink May Be Keeping the Ozone From Healing, Research Finds
  • Like maybe wait a few years and finance some science to check that your mega constellation of satellites (built to fail after only a few years to make sure your rocket company never goes out of work) won't be a fucking nuisance on so many levels before you actually launch them ?
    This "get all the facts before taking action" ?

    Edit: I think I knee-jerked

  • Orcas Just Sank Another Yacht
  • You're right, thanks!
    In my language there is a bug difference between a yacht and a 15 meters sailboat, but it seems it's not the case in english. Anyway, my mistake.

    200k is a nice, quite recent boat with nothing to be done before you can go and sail.
    Where I live, lots of people buy older boats which need a bit of work before they can use them. You can find nice older 15 meters sailboats for 60-70k if you're willing to have them in dry dock for a year while you do repairs and look for used parts to do the repairs.
    It's still fucking expensive (and you have easily 5k/year of anchorage and upkeep), and lots of workers can definitely not afford that, but it's still possible without being really rich (I meet teachers teachers, nurses, engineers... who own their boats when I go sailing).

  • Orcas Just Sank Another Yacht
  • I live in France, and my parents (both teachers in highschool) bought one 10 years ago. It is an old one (built in the 1980s), lots of work to had to be done but they could afford it on a 10 years mortgage.
    Harbour is about 4k/year, wich is definitely not nothing and lots of people can't afford it, but they manage.

    Idk how it is where you live, but from what I've seen, on most of Northern Europe coasts (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden) it's far from impossible to own a nice sailboat even when you're not really rich.
    Sailboats from the 80s-90s with some work to do would range from the 30-35k for 10-11 meters to 60-70k for up to 15 meters. Of course, if you want to have the most recent one and if you can't/don't want to do most of the repairs yourself, it's another story.
    It may have something to do with our sailing culture from the 70s-80s, where lots of people actually built their sailboats to go and travel the world.

    And just to be clear, I'm not saying it's easy and everyone can do it. Lots of working class people can barely make ends meet, so owning a boat wouldn't be possible. But in Europe, it's not reserved for the super rich either.

  • JK Rowling slammed for asking if she can be Black if she likes “Motown & fancy myself in cornrows”
  • Yep. I despise her opinions since I've heard/read them, but reading HP still is a treasured child memory and I pick them up again every few years. But I'm never buying anything that contributes to her wealth and I'm not going to rate the books positevely on goodreads or whatever.
    I surely makes no difference to her, but it allows me to feel okay about it.

  • Orcas Just Sank Another Yacht
  • I love orcas and the idea that some of them are doing something because we pissed them off is really sexy.

    But a 15-ish meters sailboat is not a yacht, far from there, and in Europe a lot of people who sail are working class (more teachers and engineers than uber drivers or cleaning crews, but still far from rich).
    In this case, the crew consisted of two members of the Ocean Care NGO. The crew members and the NGO stated that they didn't blame the orcas and didn't see there an agression from them but believed more in a kind of game because the orcas noticed boats can be rocked and find it fun.

    Let's eat the rich ourselves, they are much more our responsability than the orca's.

  • I think people in prison should be allowed to vote
  • In France we treat our prisoners like utter shit. If they way you treat the people you have power over is an important marker of civilization/democracy (and I believe it is), we fail this test real hard.

    That being said, the tribunal has to specifically add to the prison sentence an exclusion from the right to vote. Iirc, about 25k prisoners (among the 75 or 80k total) have been deprived from the right to vote during their sentence.

    Voting from prison in France is complicated,there are 3 options afaik:

    • you can delegate your vote to someone on the outside
    • you can resquest a "day off" to go to the polls
    • since 2019 you can vote by correspondance

    The "can I please go out to vote" has to be approved by the warden, and dosen't happen much.
    Delegating your vote isn't always easy either, prison has a tendancy to isolate people from their former close ones.
    The correspondance vote is recent and seems like the best of the three. In 2017 (presidential electio ), less than 2% of imprisoned people had voted. In the 2022 presidential election, more than 20% of them did.

    So far, voting logistics and the feeling that society doesn't want you has imo prevented far more people to vote than the "you can't vote for the next x years" addendum to sentences.

  • Helldivers 2 community manager says internal discussions are ongoing regarding mandatory PSN account link
  • Here's the thing: doing something does not always work, but doing nothing never does.
    In the provided screenshot, the devs themselves explain that asking for refunds and leaving bad reviews is what gives them enough pull to even have the discussion with sony.

    Of course you don't have to do anything, but you really don't accomplish anything by bothering the people who actually try to find ways to make the situation better.

  • Switching to plant-based diets means cleaner air – and it could save more than 200,000 human lives around the world
  • But I like feeling like a real manly man when I eat my real manly meat in a real manly way with my real manly bros, surely that's worth a few hundreds thousands human lives a year ?

    (And btw, plant-based diets could also save 100 million animal lives a year)

  • hmmm
  • And while the objecrifying comment pretending to be funny has 45 upvotes at that time, you were at -1 when I saw your post.
    Lemmy is imo better than reddit, but alas the intersection between privacy-conscious people and men who refuse to educate themselves is a big one.
    Thanks for your comment, I was happy to read you!