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Elon Musk says Twitter, now X, is to charge all users subscription fees
  • I haven't heard much about Bezos since he sent Shatner to space and then was a total dick and cut him off during his post flight interview.

    His ex, on the other hand, has been taking her half of the divorce settlement and giving hundreds of millions to good causes.

    Best thing that man ever did was divorce her.

    Excuse me, I think today's Amazon package has arrived.

  • 'Uncharted territory' - Could the Wisconsin GOP protect their gerrymandered maps by impeaching Protasiewicz? - The Badger Project
  • They have a supermajority on the Senate.

    The law says that until the trial is resolved, she just refuse herself from all cases. So they can just import her and then draft their feet before holding the trial, and keep her from ruling in the gerrymandering case. That's probably just likely since if they do remove her, the governor can appoint her replacement.

  • Night owls of Lemmy, what do you like to do at night?
  • Have a gummy, watch TV, play video games.

    My wife goes to bed early, so I get a few hours to myself to watch whatever show I'm interested in that she's not, and play video games without it taking my attention from the family.

  • One stop shop for s-class suit and ship upgrade modules

    Credit to /u/jacobodman on Reddit

    (I tried to inline the photo but it didn't work)

    In which game did you spend the most hours?
  • Definitely factorio, but I can't tell you how many hours. I started playing on steam, but then downloaded it from and had multiple installs so I could play different mod packs. Steam says 1100 hours, but it's got to be 3 or 4 times that, total. I've played multiple saves that took several hundred hours