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Peak graphic design
  • Currently playing Armored Core 6 with a Steam Controller, and I love it. But... the right track pad leaves a lot to be desired.

    The best aspect of the Steam Controller, without a doubt, is the modularity and shareability of it. The standard control scheme a game tries to assume, most of the time it stinks. But being able to browse through community-made control schemes and finding one that works for me is fantastic. The highest downloaded control scheme for AC6 got me 95% of the way there; I just had to change the bindings of the back pedals to suit me. Now it uses the track pad and the gyro in conjunction-- track pad for big sweeping movements and gyro for small adjustments-- and I love it.

  • This sounds a bit like how "time blindness" feels
  • I've said this before, but Factorio is genuinely the only thing that has made me lose track of time before. When I'm goofing off into the wee hours of the night, normally I have a vague sense of time passing. I won't know what time it is, but I'll know that it's late and I should probably stop whatever it is I'm doing (and won't). And then I'll look at the clock and it's 2am-- late, but not surprising.

    But then came Factorio. This was when I first started playing, around the time I just started making black science packs. I was refitting my bases to work with laser turrets, and making minor modifications here and there like upgrading from 2 saturated belts of iron to 4 and such. Nothing major. I'd just do these things, maybe an hour or two, and head to bed. So you can imagine my surprise when I look at the clock and it was 5:30 AM. I was baffled; I had no idea I'd spent that long modifying my base. Like 7 hours straight, no breaks. And then the exhaustion hit, and I saved and went immediately to bed.

    Cracktorio man, the addiction is real.

  • I'm fucking dead inside :3
  • If that ain't the truth. Moved across the state to find work, and obviously my old buddies can't invite me to as many things anymore. But seeing them all on a call together playing video games without even a heads up hurts a smidge.

  • North Texas man sues Cinemark claiming 24-ounce beer cups can't hold 24 ounces
  • 1 fl oz (volume) of water weighs about 1 oz (weight). It varies depending on a bunch of stuff, ya know, cause imperial sucks, but I believe the standard rate is 1 fl oz weighs about 1.043 oz. So assuming beer has similar density as water, 22 fl oz would weigh somewhere around 23 oz.

    (Some Google searches show that some definitions of fl oz has it as 1 fl oz = 30 ml exactly, but I'm starting to confuse myself and you know how infuriating imperial is.)

  • Gaming consoles are holding back the gaming industry and console exclusives should be banned
  • I don't think that's necessarily true. Water will reach its own level so to speak, if a developer releases a game that is far too much for a majority of gamers to run, those gamers won't buy the game and it won't sell. Obviously that also isn't always necessarily true, but enough terribly optimized games have released recently to be met with 40% rating on Steam that I'd like to think this is the case. Are some developers going to do it anyway? Absolutely, but that's true regardless. I think that no matter what, indie developers will always tend to keep their games lightweight either by principle or by design necessity, and bigger game studios would also sorta get the message and keep their games reasonable. With obvious exceptions... goddamn 400 GB games these days.

  • If you had the funding from a major company and total creative freedom, what video game would you get made?
  • As much as I really want another Chao Garden, I know the monkey's paw would love to grant my wish. Imagine:

    Chao garden. You get 2 chao to start out with. Want to access another garden? $2.99 each. Want more chao? $4.99 per egg. You could feed them the fruit that grows natively in your garden, which raises their stamina slowly, or buy more fruit at $0.99 each. Or buy a fruit tree seed for $9.99, what a steal! Need a pack of tiny animals? 20 for $8.99!

    While I doubt SEGA would stoop this low... it's not completely off the table.

  • The Good Time Dragon

    Created using Bing Image Generate. Inspired by Twitch streamer and YouTuber Simpleflips, and his love of Ligma jokes. Shoutouts to Simpleflips.

    Maybe next someone can make a Mind Goblin.


    Do you currently pay (or have you ever paid) for Geocache premium? Do you think it's worth it?

    I mostly use c:geo, which shows caches that a free Geocache account on the official app won't, except Premium-only caches, which are designated by the cache owner. (That is to say, the official Geocache app won't show free accounts caches above a certain difficulty/terrain, but you can find them online, and there's no way at all for a free account to find premium-only caches.)

    I'm sure most of you already knew that though. For those of you who currently pay for premium or have paid in the past, did you think it is/was worth it? $40 USD a year doesn't seem like that much, but I'm mostly against all kinds of subscription models across the board. I've been told that a majority of caches are Premium-only, but I have no way to determine if there are a significant number of Premium-only caches around me, so I can't make any informed decisions in that regard.

    So, what are your thoughts? Worth buying, or worth sticking to a free account?


    Freebooting Twitter Account getting millions of views without credit, original creators get next to none...

    Description: A freebooting Twitter account (very likely without permission) posts a screenshot of a TikTok with no credit and gets millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes. The creators of the original video respond, and get next to no views. (And currently have 6 likes on the tweet.)

    As a side note, go watch Almost Friday TV, their videos are hilarious and incredibly well directed: