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Favourite patient modern game?
  • I've never been especially moved or impressed with video game stories until Horizon Zero Dawn. On top of the twist which sucked me right in, the game deserves credit for making the very "video game-y" concept of fighting robot dinosaurs with a bow and arrow make actual narrative sense.

  • Dumb fucks
  • Win what? What would I win?

    I'm called a liar because I called them vandals. I can't beat that level of stupid.

    Don't bother btw. I'll block anyone who is going to be that fucking worthless.

  • Fake job ads waste applicants' time and harm their wellbeing. So why are companies posting them?
  • Because companies want what's best for them and don't give a fuck what anyone else wants.

    A constant stream of applicants that they ignore 99% of the time means that when they don't ignore it they can have as many people as they want at their beck and call.