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Why I miss social cues
  • They can at least verbalize that they saw something funny so that I know they're actually willing/ready to share because I hate asking and then waiting as they finish watching/reading/texting.

  • Wish I could beam this into every persons head
  • It's not about the distraction. I can throw my phone across the room and still not be able to get up. I can remove all distractions, and I will still stare off into space and not get anything done.

  • It's not enough to touch grass
  • It depends on the variety of grass. There are some low growing ones that are well suited for lawns. The main argument for the European ones is that they take hold and spread much more readily, because they are invasive.

  • A cruel irony
  • I do have to pick up every month in Texas. They send 3 separate prescriptions, and I pick up once per month and then see the Dr for a new script 3 months later. You can pick up 2 days early, but some pharmacies allow up to 4 days early iirc.

  • A cruel irony
  • Where? I get my prescription renewed every 90 days, but it has to be sent as 3 separate prescriptions, and you have to wait at least 28 days in between filling each one.

  • You know what irritates me irrationally today, the saying "miss the forest for the trees"
  • That saying really bothers me too, but mainly because I'm always hearing it. For example, programming is often really difficult for me because I have a hard time thinking about the big picture, and I struggle to break the task down into parts that work together. I often get too hung up on small details.

  • ADHD-friendly sports?
  • Well you also need to be eating at a calorie surplus of a few hundred extra calories per day, but that will ideally happen naturally if you focus on adding more protein to your existing diet. If you're going the protein powder route, you'll probably want to have it as an extra meal rather than a meal substitute. If you still struggle, you may need to track your calories to help you adapt.

    YouTube can be a good source for some high protein vegan meal ideas. If you can do soy, TVP is a good option. If you can do gluten, chickmeat/seitan is good.

  • ADHD-friendly sports?
  • You don't have to eat meat, but you need to get enough protein, at least .7 g per lb of body weight but preferably around 1g. More than 1.5g is overkill. It helps to divide your protein goals by the number of meals you have and try to hit a per meal goal. There's no need to count calories or weigh your food or anything if that scares you, but it is good to look at serving sizes and protein content to get a rough idea.

    You can try eating more beans and tofu. Bean pasta is a good hack. Seitan is really simple to make, especially if you've got a stand mixer and instant pot. You may want to consider getting some protein powder if you're struggling to get enough through food. You can add avocado and cocoa or nut butter and banana to protein shakes for some extra calories.

  • A watched pot never boils
  • If you have an instant pot, you can make rice in that. I've ignored it for like 40 minutes before, and the worst thing that happens is that it gets a little dry, which you can then fix by microwaving it in a bowl with a splash of water.