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We just got a point from the champions Spain at the ⚽ UEFA Euros! (not fake news)
  • The permutations are pretty complex. If we beat the Dutch 2-0 we are likely to go through. Germany play Spain the same day, and a Spanish win is the worst result for us: that would put everyone on 4 points, so it's all down to goal difference/tiebreakers.

  • Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    Chinese ambassador complains to Oireachtas about Taiwan visit by five Senators. Two FF, 1 FG and two Independent Senators visiting.

    A spokesman for the Chinese ambassador said in a statement: “The Irish Government has made it clear that Ireland adheres to, and will continue to adhere to, the one-China policy. Visiting Taiwan as a member of the Irish parliament, claiming Taiwan as a ‘country’, meeting with Taiwan political figures and separatists seeking ‘Taiwan independence’ are in clear violation of the Irish Government’s One China Policy.”

    FF Senator Gerry Horkan said “we want to have good relations with both mainland China and Taiwan. We understand the one-China policy and are happy to comply with it.”

    Independent Senator Sharon Keogan said “we’re delighted to promote Ireland as a gateway to Europe for Taiwan”.


    In 2018, Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl wrote to Oireachtas members to “remind members of the current position with regard to Taiwan”.

    In his letter, he said that “active engagement between members of the Oireachtas and Taiwan can damage the relations between Ireland and China and is in conflict to the long-standing one-China policy.

    “As Ceann Comhairle, I have no intention of telling Oireachtas members who they, as elected public representatives, can meet or what functions they can attend. That would never be my wish.

    “However, I am aware that there continues to be engagement between some Oireachtas members and the Taiwanese authorities. This can cause serious offence and grave concern to our Chinese friends and has the potential to cause serious damage to Ireland’s developing relationship with China as well as being a danger to Ireland’s national interest.

    “I write to members merely to remind them of the one-China policy long in place, and to highlight the implications that a parliamentary engagement with the Taiwanese authorities can have on the excellent relations [ this before the Richard O'Halloran thing] currently enjoyed by Ireland with China.”

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    Sinn Féin immigration doc to call for more countries to be added to 'safe countries' list

    New immigration policy document due to be published on Monday (22 July)

    Will lay out SF's immigration policy. They've been criticised for being vague on this.

    Mary Lou McDonald admitted her party had “lost the trust” of its regular supporters and claimed the party had diverged from “where most people are” on immigration. “We are a party of the working class and the left,” the party leader said on social media this week, but the question was posed to Doherty today that due to their positioning on immigration, their grassroots working-class voters are migrating from the party.

    “There are small minorities that are trying to exploit the frustration and fears that many communities face and it’s important that we actually get in there and listen to them and have proper dialogue and consultation with them,” Pearse Doherty said.


    What should I know about Jean-Luc Mélenchon?

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    Irish women's soccer beat France (ranked 2nd in the world) 3-1 at Pairc Uí Caoimh

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    Leo Varadkar confirms he won't stand in next general election


    🎵🇯🇲 Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon

    Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon Glen Brown - Chant Down Dervia 1978

    Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon
    A TL;DR of the Goldman-Sachs AI Criticism
  • 2 and 3 are both posing questions

    • How could AI even be applied?!?!?

    • How could AI even be improved?!?!?

    as though the implication were that these are unanswerable questions

    when they're actually easily answerable

    2: it can be applied to logistics, control of fusion energy, drug-discovery pipelines, lots of things that could soon amount to a trillion dollars

    3: it can be improved by combining LLMs with neural-symbolic logic and lots of other things extensively written about

    I assume the Goldman Sachs report is more intelligent than this summary makes out. Coz the summary is just saying we should throw our hands up in despair at well-studied questions that a lot of work has gone into answering.

  • Ireland frightful_hobgoblin The story of the Gaelic football match that lasted 60 hours

    In May 1986, 14 players took to the pitch in Kilcornan to play some ball, raise some money and set a Guinness World Record

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    ᚇᚓᚐ ᚒᚐᚔᚌᚆ! The grave of Mary Dempsey (1802) – the last vernacular use of Ogham

    The grave of Mary Dempsey in Aheny, County Tipperary. This is the last known vernacular use of Ogham in Ireland, in 1802. The grave bears a script in Irish, English and Ogham.

    "Fa an lig so na lu ata Mari ni Dhimusa / o mballi na gCranibh” ("Beneath this stone lieth Mári Ní Dhíomasaigh from Ballycrann")

    There was a north Waterford scribe: Peter O'Morrisey who was still writing his poems in Latin & Ogham scripts until his death circa 1800. It appears that the grave is either inspired by him or perhaps composed by one of his students.

    Tuilleadh eolas:

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    We just got a point from the champions Spain at the ⚽ UEFA Euros! (not fake news)

    Women's under-19s Euros

    Spain had 28 attempts, Ireland 0. Fair fucks to our 'keeper Katie Keane.

    Our group has Spain, Germany and the Netherlands 😬


    People who are 1s and 2s on this scale, do you watch adult video?

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    The Irish hare (Lepus timidus hibernicus / giorria sléibhe) is one of 3 lagomorphs found on the Island of Ireland and the only native lagomorph🐇

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    Craobhchomórtas Peile – cluichí leathcheannais an deireadh seachtaine seo

    Dé Sathairn an 13ú Iúil, 17:30: Ard Macha v Ciarraí

    Dé Domhnach an 14ú Iúil, 16:00: Dún na nGall v Gaillimh (tá an ceann seo ar an 📺teilifís📺, ar RTÉ2)

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin XL bully dogs to be banned in State following savage attacks

    Minister Heather Humphreys set to announce introduction of ban in two stages on ‘aggressive’ crossbreed dog

    XL bully dogs to be banned in State following savage attacks
    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin

    Fuck.... Asha has also tested positive for the virus that killed her daughter. Asha is a 17-year-old Asian elephant 🐘


    We have reached 200 subscribers 💯💯 on the main instance alone. Keep growing, keep posting.

    I feel the comm has started to develop its own little feeling, though it is small.

    The message here is clearly something other people are thinking about.

    Every time you post, you let people know they're not alone in wanting to preserve the individuality and survival of the world's cultures.


    attachment shmershmachment

    1 Carrie Crowley: New film hopes to build on the success of An Cailín Ciúin

    The bilingual Froggie, starring Carrie Crowley, is just one of six Irish-language films being premiered at Galway Film Fleadh, writes Esther McCarthy

    Carrie Crowley: New film hopes to build on the success of An Cailín Ciúin

    🇬🇧📺 Anyone watching 'A Good Girl's Guide to Murder'?

    IMDB page with trailer:

    I've watched three episodes so far. I'm getting into it and I'm not really a TV guy


    What was the first effective cure for a disease in history?

    Ireland frightful_hobgoblin Second elephant dies in days at Dublin Zoo from viral infection

    Seven-year-old Zinda dies despite ‘unprecedented effort’ in treatment that saw blood products rushed in from UK’s Chester Zoo

    Second elephant dies in days at Dublin Zoo from viral infection