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Can I remove a git repo without resorting to `rm -rf` ?
  • If you're scared to do rm -rf, do something else that lets you inspect the entire batch of deletions first. Such as:

    find .git ! -type d -print0 | xargs -0 -n1 echo rm -fv

    This will print out all the rm -fv commands that would be run. It's basically rm -rf --dry-run, but rm doesn't have that common option. Once you've verified that that's what you want to do, run it again without echo to do the actual deletion. If you're scared of having that in your history, either use a full path for .git, or prepend a space to the non-echo version of the command to make it avoid showing up in your shell history (assuming you have ignorespace in your HISTCONTROL env var)

    I use this xargs echo pattern a lot when I'm crafting commands that are potentially destructive or change lots of things.

  • The Hyperloop might be a good idea maybe a 100 years from now
  • Theoretically, a hyperloop can get you from place A to place B on the planet in less than 40 min (back of the napkin calculations assuming constant acceleration and deceleration of around 1G)

    Are you sure about that? Place A and Place B are really far apart, and there is some quite challenging terrain between them.

  • Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are surging "faster than ever" to beyond anything humans ever experienced, officials say
  • 100% this. Corporate incentives need to change. Money is the only primary corporate incentive right now, everything else is secondary and works towards that primary goal. Without a change that puts that goal in check, it will increasingly bring ruin on a global scale.

  • How long until running stops sucking?
  • I bought a used gym quality treadmill for my home, though they are pretty big and not everybody can reasonably do that. Because it's always there I also sometimes take meetings on the treadmill at a walking pace. It's great during the winter where I live because I usually don't want to go out in the snow, and having the treadmill helps me exercise, even by just walking, when I would otherwise be wasting away.

  • How long until running stops sucking?
  • One thing that made me forget about the bad aspects of running is running on a treadmill while watching action movies. The increased heart rate works great for both of those, and having the treadmill to keep my pace steady allowed me to run farther than I had in other situations like running outside or running while listening to audiobooks.

    Also, running in nature is more enjoyable than running around the parking lot or whatever.

    Some people never enjoy running though, and just tolerate it for its benefits. Maybe that's you?

  • What Am I Doing Wrong?
  • Python is not found, so $ARCH gets assigned to "", and you didn't double quote your variables in the comparison, so the code parses as [ == "aarch64" which is a syntax error.

    Also, maybe uname -m could work instead of that Python script.

  • Grand Canyon at a distance
  • O M G. I looked at that for like 3 minutes and was about to reply that I couldn't see any way that they were right side up, then I looked at the original photo and focused on the edge where the bright is in the right and the dark is in the left, and it just snap inverted and looked correct. Then I looked at the plate photo again and it still looked wrong, then boom, it snap inverted and I'm like "how was I ever unable to see this? They totally are all right side up." That is really trippy!

    It's the hard-right light that is doing it. There's such a huge shadow casting out to the left from the peaks.

  • Turns out Spotify can't open-source Car Thing because it's a potato
  • With a weak Amlogic processor, 4GB of eMMC storage, and only 512MB of RAM, the device is too underpowered to run anything more demanding than its intended lightweight web-based media player.

    Microcontroller hobbiests are over here salivating at those specs with the included screen and rotary controller

  • If Elected, Donald Trump Would Face Few Hurdles to Prosecuting Rivals- The New York Times (Free Article)
  • AFAIK the reason it is allowed is to keep a corrupt government from charging and convicting all of their political rivals, leaving only their allies as eligible candidates. The idea was to let the people choose their leaders even when under a corrupt federal government.

  • Guidance from experienced pilots

    One types of content I'd really like to see here is guidance from experienced pilots on how to get started. There is a lot of conflicting information and deferral to non-cited authorities online, and even those authorities sometimes have ambiguous and conflicting information. I'd love to see posts like "I am a part 107 certified pilot in X jurisdiction and here are my top 10 do's and don'ts, and my preflight checklist."

    One particularly confusing aspect I've encountered is all the differences on drones 250g and above. It seems to me like so much FAA guidance is written with complete disregard for drones below 250g, so much so that I'm not sure if I have to be licensed, if I have to register my drone, if I need to label it, if I'm allowed to fly in various circumstance and times, all because they appear to write a lot of their documentation as if all drones weigh more than 250g. As a result of this ambiguity and confusion I'm considering getting part 107 certified just to cover my bases, but even then, I wouldn't feel confident that I understood the laws and regulations.