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‘I’m voting in the UK general election after decades abroad’ - BBC News
  • Except there is a big difference in that these people choose to live abroad. They have chosen diminished influence of British politics over their lives so they should have diminished influence over British politics.

    If they really want to influence politics here, then live here. It is not fair on resident, tax paying citizens to have non resident non tax paying ex pats making choices that may benefit them at the cost of others.

    For example, elderly expats may choose to support a policy which significantly increases their pension to cover their overseas lifestyle at the expense of resident pensioners or increased taxes or reduced public services for resident voters. While this is very unlikely to be proposed or succeed, it is theoretically possible. I'm sorry but if I resign from my job should I still get to make demands of my former colleagues because I worked there for 30 years or still feel like an employee??

    I just can't reconcile the thought "I don't want to live there anymore" with the thought "I deserve a vote in the country I left behind".

    It was a little different when we were in the EU. But we are not.

  • ‘I’m voting in the UK general election after decades abroad’ - BBC News
  • "I still feel British so I should get to decide how people in Britain live. I mean does it really matter if the NHS gets privatized as long as my pension gets bigger so I can afford my lavish lifestyle. I care so much about my country just not quite enough to live there."

  • Child steals the show on House floor making faces as Rep rails against Trump case
  • If counter with: "We'd be well served to remember the long and cherished tradition of settling criminal matters in the courts."

    Basically they want the right to commit crimes without consequences beyond the possibility of simply not being re-elected.... But only for Republican politicians. Democrats should be treated differently.

  • Sovcit got a ticket.
  • Dear sovcit, we, the government, do not consent to being "served" and invite you to prove that we are an artificial government in 15 days under U.S. 199. Article 4 section N part 9 paragraph 2333. Are we free to go?

  • Does Microsoft have the power to pull the plug on Linux gaming?
  • Even then you can still have someone read the source and write a spec for a second programmer to write a library. The programmer never saw the source code but it was still useful. Still legal to do this. If someone dumped original source into the projector could be similarly checked for duplication without breaking the law.

  • Sonia Sotomayor's retirement is a political IQ test
  • That would be putting words in my mouth.

    Firstly, I think that having been a justice, which is a very distinguished post , they would never have to worry about future employment, it would probably find them. I also think that a job for life means you don't worry about scrutiny. You can do what you want almost without consequence because you don't need to worry about what comes next. If no one can fire you, and you don't need to worry about people being happy with your performance, you can be free so act however you want. In your own interest. In the interest of some benefactor, or should you choose to, in the interest of the people.

    Second, I did not say youthfulness it's important. There is a vast gulf between youthful and aged. I don't want a 20 year old justice and more than a 70 year old one.

    Lastly, expanding it would be great. No arguments here.

  • Sonia Sotomayor's retirement is a political IQ test
  • While experience is clearly an important job qualification for a judge, at some point their experience is from a different era. At the beginning of her training the world was a very different place, but she now applies her experience from that era to cases today. I don't mean to say her experience is entirely irrelevant, just that the old have to give way to the young if progress is to be made. These guys should have age limits if not term limits. At the very least there should be a known point in time that they need to be replaced so that political games cannot be played with their appointments.

  • Anon watches LOTR
  • To me, modern says more about the techniques and methods used. In that respect, not much has changed even though 25 years has passed. Even stylistically it is more similar to a current film than one filmed 25 years before its release, i.e. mid 1970s. As someone else said, contemporary is a better word for describing its age than modern.

  • Tennessee passes 'chemtrail' bill banning airborne chemicals
  • Wow, that's great!! So I guess all the chemicals coming out of the coal, oil and gas fired power plants will be stopped then.

    CO2, NOx, particulates all are chemicals and are all intentionally released during combustion.