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TikTok’s Pro-China Tilt
  • So they found less propaganda on TikTok. Good to know!

  • Mozilla downsizes as it refocuses on Firefox and AI
  • The data privacy angle was just editorialized headlines, the CEO statement did not mention it.

  • Bluesky posts are finally open to the public
  • Wow, it loads almost as slowly as twitter. Users should feel right at home with that loading spinner.

  • Russia and China at war with Canada, says Gen. Wayne Eyre
  • Stop trying to make China our enemy. There is no reason we shouldn't aim to improve relations with China.

  • Controllers with paddles?
  • The GameSir T4k has them but I think they can only be mapped to existing buttons. I map them to left/right stick press.
    Very nice affordable controller with hall effect analog sticks.

  • Hear me out: A scripting language that compiles to bash or sh (any suggestions?)
  • There is Batsh, a simple language with c-style syntax that compiles to bash and batch.

  • Game ad notification on Windows...
  • I got a notification advertising Minecraft the other day. I'm positive I have all the settings about suggested content turned off. At least you can disable notifications per app, this one was from "Suggested".

  • I'm so sick of distro hopping!
  • I fear leaving a laptop in the drawer for a few months and then it crashes when I update it.

    Usually you just need to do pacman -Sy archlinux-keyring first. Updates requiring manual intervention are pretty rare.

  • I had ChatGPT write a userscript that lets you block posts using keywords
  • You could also use a ublock filter. Example: .post-listing:has(.post-title:has-text(/twitter|reddit/i))