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FBI Arrests Man For Generating AI Child Sexual Abuse Imagery
  • This mentality smells of "just say no" for drugs or "just don't have sex" for abortions. This is not the ideal world and we have to find actual plans/solutions to deal with the situation. We can't just cover our ears and hope people will stop

  • Therapy
  • That is a hobby. A lovely one, but still a hobby. That is not therapy.

    I'm not saying you can't gain insights into yourself or situations while doing that. It can most definitely help and be therapeutic. But therapy it is not

  • Has anyone else noticed a large influx of Trolls lately?
  • While I do absolutely agree that single issue politics is a real thing like you showed, literally the only reply to your comment was "if you are a single issue voter, you're an idiot".

    So I also think OP has a point here and we're talking more about the people who use the term as an ad hominem attack, which I certainly have seen plenty of. And now Lemmy has provided us with yet another example of people taking something legitimate and turning it into a weakness/attackable offence. Like some trolls and racist people on the right now talk about DEI in negative terms

  • no wait he has a point
  • I'm not so sure. That smells a bit of entitlement if I'm being honest. If an unhoused person or a single parent in a food insecure household get food assistance/school meals for example, I'm sure the help meant a lot to them. It doesn't seem like it means anything to you because you have the luxury/security to worry about ethics and other more abstract things. But if you're hungry, food is food. Help is help. And if you were forced to give the food...those people still get to eat at the end of it all

  • Guess the Episode [Easy]
  • 🎵 For he is an English man.

    He remains an EeeèeéeeeeěengliiiiiÌÌÌÏÏÏÍÍÍsh...


  • is there Google lens alternative?
  • I personally use OSS Document Scanner.

    It has different dictionaries, can scan docs/papers and archive them. Can also translate and extract text (to an extent). It works great for my needs, hopefully it is what you were looking for too

  • The ole switcharoo
  • By the same logic, if I were to show you a photo of a child kissing a puppy, you'd be able to "demonstrate" that all humans are children and essentially loving and caring creatures? That logic is not logic-ing, friend

  • Guess the Episode [Hard]
  • Cheese!

    (Is the episode "The Trouble with Trillions"?)

  • Guess the Episode [Genius at Work]
  • Homer, before we continue our tour, would you mind hanging my coat up on the wall please?

  • Bethesda Announces New-Gen Update For Fallout 4 Coming Next Year
  • They really didn't even try that to be honest. Bethesda has remained far behind and they don't seem interested in changing direction sadly

  • Recommendations for Warhammer 40k
  • As someone who also just started out with Warhammer 40k (and also got onboard a few friends with this lol) I’d say the Eisenhorn trilogy is a great place to start.

    It's basically a space thriller. And while extended lore is present, it's not required to enjoy the story. Whathever is mentioned gets explained and makes the whole trilogy very beginner-friendly.

  • Anytype as an alternative to Notion or Obsidian
  • I just found this yesterday so I cannot properly give a review on it, but I found Logseq which seems to be a privacy-focused knowledge management and collaboration platform. It seems very promising and reminds me somewhat of Obsidian

  • Noticing lots of new users, did something happen?
  • I personally use Thunder and I love it. I tried all other apps too but they never quite clicked completely with me. Have a good search!

  • Noticing lots of new users, did something happen?
  • Welcome then! If you are still looking for a decent app for random scrolling on Lemmy go here and take your pick. We are truly blessed

  • To the best boy i had, 10 years strong. Sadly he has departed from us and i wanted to share of how good of a boy he was. I love you Baer
  • Clearly an excellent boy, 12/10 for sure. Thanks for sharing and a virtual hug to you, I'm sorry for your loss

  • I made this new account and I’m pretty happy with my name.
  • We might be related! Do you what to go on space adventures AND solve crimes?

  • Guess the Episode [Hard]
  • If my memory serves me well, it should be right after Marge comes back home and says she isn't pregnant, right?

    And I think Homer was just talking about the beauty of having kids or something lmao

  • Alpha Release [v0.2.5]
  • Thank you for the updates and thank you all for your efforts with this amazing app, which is still my favorite way of using Lemmy so far!

    Have a cake, you more than deserve it 🎂

  • 10 inventions of the Industrial Revolution which shaped the future Top 10 Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

    The British Industrial Revolution transformed life at work and at home for practically everyone. Noise, pollution, social upheaval, and repetitive jobs were the price to pay for labour-saving machines...

    Top 10 Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

    Looking back at the 1st Industrial Revolution, do you feel like we are also going through a new Digital Revolution considering new technologies like AI, Virtual Reality, 3D printing etc?

    Brief history of Puerto Rico

    Since this weekly discussion theme is about Puerto Rico (and I didn't know much about it lol) here's an early chronological summary provided by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies. I'd strongly recommend having a look at their website too because they have a lot of additional resources

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