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Understanding Linux and choosing your first Linux distro, v2.0
  • This is an exceptional write up, thanks!

    I started with Mint and it was very simple to set up. I don’t really like the DE though (personal preference, I’ve used OSX for over 10 years). From your description it sounds like I can change Cinnamon to something else - is this fairly straightforward to do?

    I’m looking to use the machine as a photo processing platform (from film and digital) and finding alternatives to Adobe products like Lightroom and Photoshop… with a view to ultimately having a NAS and cloud backup once I get to it.

  • Somebody Fucked Up
  • Look, I have no love for Trump, but I agree. Also wtf is with these reports that people in the crowd were alerting cops to someone climbing on the roof and they seemed slow to process? Do they not have protocols and a radio channel to the secret service - even if they’re confused could they not have alerted someone more professional?

    This shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. It’s a disgrace.

  • What generation are you?
  • Thanks for taking me on a search journey… to appreciate Beth, and Portishead beyond Dummy. Please do recommend any specific highlights. I’ll be going through their (and her) albums now.

  • I know which one I am, unfortunately.
  • What I don’t get is when I was a yoof I was a disorganised, impulsive, random mess. So how is it me that’s the organised one who has everything planned and packed and my wife who’s literally doing her laundry the night before. Life is very odd.

  • Can you recommend a book for me please?

    I’ve basically been ordered to pick up any fiction book and read, after a friend discovered I’ve not read anything but non-fiction for a decade.

    The ones I’ve enjoyed in the past have been short, fantastical or sci-fi (think Aldous Huxley, Ian McEwan), but crucially with amazing first person descriptive prose - the kind where you’re immersed in the writing so much you’re almost there with the character.

    I liked sci-fi as the world’s constraints weren’t always predictable. Hope that makes sense.

    Any recommendations?

    Edit: I’m going to up the ante and, as a way of motivating myself to get off my arse and actually read a proper story, promise to choose a book from the top comment, after, let’s say arbitrarily, Friday 2200 GMT.

    Edit deux: Wow ok I don’t think I’ve ever had this many responses to anything I’ve posted before. You’ve given me what looks like a whole year of interesting suggestions, and importantly, good commentary around them. I’m honouring my promise to buy the top thing in just under 4 hours.


    Update: Advice re son learning to program.

    Hi all,

    A fair while ago I asked the community here advice as my 8yo lad wanted to experiment with programming: Old Post.

    Thanks so much for all the words of wisdom - there’s still stuff we can explore in the replies.

    Thought I’d just give a little update.

    So I installed dual boot Linux Mint / OSX on an old intel MacBook Air (dual boot in case his homework/school stuff needs it, but he hasn’t used OSX much!).

    It was much easier than I thought it’d be. Perhaps it’s just the hardware/OS choice, but I don’t consider myself to be ‘properly’ technical and it was a breeze. Perhaps the only difficult part was creating a bootable OSX restore disk just in case I destroyed the OS… it’s almost like Mac really don’t want you to be doing this.

    He’s working his way through foundational courses on programming, in codeacademy, and using scratch as usual. So far, so good.

    Is there an IDE you’d recommend that has some element of a tutorial to it?


    Today's (UK) EDC

    iPhone 12 Mini; Wallet with Swisscard (probably my most-used thing), Sparrows Door tool, key, cash; Car fob; Olight 1R2 Pro; Compass; 6-in-1 adaptor. Watch not pictured (automatic).


    Advice needed, son wants to learn how to program

    Hi all,

    My 8 year old is asking if he can learn how to program. He has asked specifically if I could set him up with a ‘programming kit with lessons’ for a Christmas present. I’d like to support this, and it seems like it’s not a transient interest as he’s been all over scratch, and using things like minecraft commands for the last year. I have an old (pre 2017) MacBook Air I can set up for this. How do I / what would you advise I set up for him, to a) keep him safe online (he’s 8!) and b) give him the tools he needs in a structured way.

    I am not a programmer. I know enough bash/shell and basic unix stuff to be dangerous and I was a front end dev a very long time ago, but I wouldn’t call myself a programmer and don’t know what concepts he needs to learn first.

    Hugely appreciate any advice, thanks.

    Edit: So I posted this then had a busy family day and came back to so many comments! I will methodically go through these all, thanks so much.

    A couple of things on resources: he has expressed interest in 3D worlds and I noticed comments on engines, but wonder if that’s too advanced?

    Totally agree with the short feedback loop rather than projects that take days.

    He has an iPad 6 and I’m happy to pop a Linux distro on the Air, so certainly open to that.

    So many links to research. Hugely grateful.


    Advice for an old timer please


    So, I used to play hockey at school/uni, mostly on ‘banana’ rockered freestyle inlines.

    Now I’m somewhat older - it’s been a while since I’ve been on blades, but I’ve regularly skated on ice, I would say I’m intermediate but more used to ice than tarmac.

    My son is getting into in-line skating and I’d like to put on some wheels again so we can knock a puck about.

    What would be a good (but not bank breaking) skate for me? I’d like a hockey stance but I’m thinking I might need something I can rocker (or just buy different wheel sizes I guess?).

    Any suggestions hugely appreciated.


    Have got vs Have

    Hi folks.

    Can I ask: Is it better to say “We’ve got to get going” or “ We have to get going”?

    I hear the former in conversation and it slightly irks me. I think it’s because of the redundancy (?) in the sentence. Which is better, grammatically? The latter feels cleaner. Am I wrong?