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Summer sucks.
  • 10F/-13C is a relatively comfy winter day up here haha! IMHO the biggest factor with how cold it feels is wind chill. -13F/-25C without wind is much more tolerable than 5F/-15C with wind bringing the feels-like temps to the former.

  • Summer sucks.
  • Agreed, to a point… There’s cold and cold. Anything under 5F becomes extremely chilly the second it winds a little, IMHO. The upside with cold is you can usually put more layers if you’re still cold. With heat, at some point, you’re half naked and still sweating balls…

  • Is it normal to be disgruntled?
  • This. I’ve been laid off at the beginning of the month as well. Three of the four interview leads I have right now are through references from old colleagues I’ve enjoyed working with and never completely lost contact. Not necessarily friends, but people you know are pleasant coworkers or have good judgement is more than enough.

    All other companies I’ve applied to have either completely ghosted or rejected me pretty damn quickly despite being rather senior. This market is the worst we’ve seen in this field in a long while…

  • Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • This is the part that I always find mind boggling. Yeah, parents who don’t parent exist, but the vast majority want the screaming to stop just as much as anybody else, if not more…

  • Why aren't there adult only flights?
  • So because you have trouble with noise, parents should be stuck at home until their children are old enough to be certain they won’t make noise in public? Kids have the right to just exist and go places, for fuck’s sake. Their parents’ lives don’t just pause while the kids grow up, they still want, and sometimes need, to go places, and those places being sometimes far, may have to be reached by plane. What are you expecting them to do, exactly?

  • iPhone users, what's stopping you from switching to Android?
  • Android Auto just shitting the bed on me across multiple devices. Constant crashes. Maybe it’s my carc, but CarPlay works just fine on the same head unit and USB port. A wireless AA dongle didn’t help, neither did a bunch of different cables of various quality, so it’s either AA itself or the head unit. Anyway, I’m not changing cars because of this, and when upgrade time came, I just bought iPhone. I’m not totally sold on either platform, to be perfectly honest…

  • TIL the term Redneck likely originated from the sunburned red neck of those working in fields.
  • I don’t think it’s a particularly far fetched idea to imagine that people spending their days outside before the invention of sunscreen would develop more sunburns than the general population regardless, even if only once or twice a year on unexpectedly long or sunny days…

  • Should I use a reverse proxy in a homelab?
  • I’m curious what made it that complicated. Was the Synology OS (DSM they call it right?) fighting you along every step or something? As far as I know it’s a custom Linux OS but I have no idea what it’s based on, or if it’s even based on a specific distribution… I could definitely see it being a challenge depending on the answers haha.

  • [Plasma] New to Linux and absolutely loving it.
  • There are still some things you just cannot really do on Linux, although they’re getting more far and between than ever. On the audio production side of things, DAWs are slowly popping up (having Bitwig and Reaper in there is HUGE), but most VST plugins just don’t exist or work on there. VR gaming is also kind of pain…

  • [Serious] What's your hot take?
    1. Useful to who?
    2. I can tell you that overly optimistic people annoy me to no end, and even tend to have the complete opposite effect on me. Cheerleading, thoughts and prayers BS, rather than acknowledging the suckage that’s happening so we can act on it, doesn’t help me at all.
    3. Debatable
    4. One can perfectly be realistic about its chances at an interview/job and apply and perform well at it and get it regardless…

    You seem to be equating realism with pessimism and immobilism, while equating optimism and action. Why?