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A new look at our linguistic roots
  • i'm always fascinated how media makes a hype around knowledge that has been well established in the science communities for decades. and i don't think it helps, see climate overheating and ecological collapses. it'd be much better to adopt the knowledge in school curricilae early on, but i guess that'd cause too much conflict with the legitimacy of the ruling class and hegemonial narratives.

  • Reactionaries have used the same talking points to shun progress throughout history.
  • Are you blind?

    yeah, the screenreader is fine.

    Does Joe Biden himself have to spell it out for you?

    as a user of ad-blockers i can't check your source. but i doubt that he proposes any of your allegations.

    btw, what fate do you have in mind for "native" jews and all those who had only one place to seek refuge when they were persecuted in Europe, Northern Africa, the Arab countries and Iran?

    What the fuck does a 30 year period where 140 people died in Berlin in confrontations between the US and GDR have to do with this?

    my idea was to point out the fact that an exclave is anything but a prison. but any allegory, be it as stupid as this one, is thankfully repeated by the couch fighters for the Palestinian cause.

    Even knowing how that ends.

    nah, we'd have kicked them asses to then burn in the eternal flames of the last war.

  • Reactionaries have used the same talking points to shun progress throughout history.
  • That is exactly what’s happening right now.

    you know well enough that your small excerpt of literature from 150 years ago is not manifesting itself today. if that would be a thing, let's make it happen with the Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei.

    speaking of open-air prison, what's your verdict on West-Berlin's situation between 1961 and 1989 then? and how did Hamas and others get such an arsenal of weaponry into a prison?