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Mentally ill woman in her late 30s. Quit my jobs with DIDDs to go to work a retail job and go to school.

I'm here to help!


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Percentages - Pearls Before Swine
  • Wow. What a myopic view. You need to know your history so it isn't repeated, and the reason for the Gettysburg Address, and it's continuing legacy in our country, is very appropriate to our current situation.

  • PSA.
  • There's a montage from Scrubs where a bunch of people claim "I fell on it" that ends in the last guy shrugging and saying, "I was bored."

    I respect the fuck out of the last guy.

  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • This is a needlessly antagonistic reply. The dude you're replying to in no way said they aren't voting for Biden, they just said they'd appreciate seeing the data on why Biden isn't doing more to court progressives.

    I'm voting for Biden and I'd love the same? That doesn't make me a shithead.

  • escape rule
  • For some reason, I'm reading the "your" here as gendered. Which is weird, because I like to ask my (not terminally online) boyfriend his opinion of online drama, and when I explained to him that women were saying they'd choose a bear over a strange man, he said, "That's the obvious choice. Everyone should chose the bear over a stranger. People are awful."

    Gendering it was probably unnecessary. If you made the question "would you rather meet a bear in the woods, or a stranger," most people would say the bear.

    Because people are terrible.

  • CDC warns of disruptions to ADHD meds after $100M fraud arrest
  • Obviously that's the case. I didn't make a statement contrary to it. My point was "even if it's not guaranteed, some is better than none," not, "be happy to get anything at all."

    We should be pissed we don't have guaranteed access to the meds that make us function! It's our entire lives in jeopardy! But the person I'm replying to doesn't yet know that they can have at least some help, and that was the point I was making.

    If this seems aggressive it's because I'm constantly being attacked on the internet for saying something I didn't say.

  • CDC warns of disruptions to ADHD meds after $100M fraud arrest
  • I mean... it doesn't need time to build in your system. ADHD meds work from after you take them until they wear off (the extended release is about 7 and a half hours for me) so even if you can only get them sporadically, some help is better than none.

  • Gen Z influencers who supported Biden in 2020 turn against him
  • I mean I'm glad that current generations want more. I hope they can drag discourse to where it should be!

    But I agree that there's definitely a disconnect on what's been expected from a campaign, up until now.

    Historically, campaigns are just one dude and his apparatus shouting their thoughts. A campaign isn't a conversation. It should be. Honestly I wish we. could securely run a platform of "every single one of our choices will be a poll online for a month beforehand."

  • Give yourselves a round of applause 🖖
  • I threw up the horns. It was nuts as a middle school girl, when Voyager first started airing, and everyone was so angry about Janeway and when I'd ask why they would turn red and shake their head, or change the topic.