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Crowdstrike Cockup
  • Well obviously that's about to change, and some of the core product its still fantastic, but their (presumably) greed and process handling around how they deliver changes has failed here.

    The product is still good, hopefully they can mature

  • A story in two parts
  • Nah, I love those things.

    That horrible abortive fiat multipla, however, will always gather my scorn. Even when discontinued, it was just that ugly with it's 6 headlights and two noses

  • Which are you favorite non-English movies, series etc?
  • I loved bron|broen (remade by Americans as the bridge, but that's bound to be lame in comparison). Great detective show set in Denmark and Sweden (? It's been ages, don't judge me). This is reasonably old tv series. Some great demonstrations of neurodivergence from (what feels like) a previous decade

    Also Rain was a great Scandinavian sci-fi series (Netflix?)

  • Survey shows most people wouldn't pay extra for AI-enhanced hardware
  • That's a good point, but really all that means is it might be of use in a few years once all the hype BS bathwater has washed away and we can see what the baby looks like

    Having tortured that analogy, I should probably point out I'm a bit of a Luddite with these things. This is not a sea change I look forward to, in any way, shape or form...

  • Has anyone got anything similar to Épiphanies exceptional L'aube?

    This is a phenomenal (but short) album, has anyone got other equivalent they're sleeping on?


    It's very proggy, which I love, but also very heavy. Super-tasteful use (sparse!) of blast beats, etc


    A sign outside Wellington hospital


    how does Act have so many list MPs?

    I just skimmed through the leaflets and realized they got almost as many as lab/nat.

    Who do they think they're fooling?


    so sky city might be losing it's licence... SkyCity under threat of having casino licence suspended

    The sector regulator has applied to the Gambling Commission to suspend SkyCity's operator's licence for alleged breaches of host responsibility rules.

    SkyCity under threat of having casino licence suspended

    I'm delighted about the chance of this even happening. I'm under no illusions, however after the abortive duopoly review of our supermarkets. But this isn't comcom and had a clearer harm to the community, so maybe it'll happen?

    God, I'd love to see it revoked entirely, but maybe there'll be some clearer oversight...

    > The company said it had invested significantly in systems to maintain the highest standards of host responsibility best practice, and prioritised minimising the impacts associated with problem gambling.

    As. If.


    So the Shelly Bay fustercluck is over? Controversial $500m Shelly Bay development cancelled

    The plug has been pulled on a $500 million development at the former Air Force base at Shelly Bay.

    Controversial $500m Shelly Bay development cancelled

    With Sir Peter Jackson and Dame Fran Walsh buying the land, that seems like a surprisingly agreeable outcome...



    A noob getting started with open rct2

    I've been starting to play around with rct2 and am amazed at some of the dense examples I've seen - this game is really deep!

    I'm still using the premade rollercoasters (honestly, just getting the pathing right for them is complex enough!!) and am really struggling to get the ramps to connect without massive amounts of stuffing around. I've only just realised with the elevated ones I can have the path coming off them remaining elevated which tends to help with the pathway / track collisions, but I'm not even sure how I did it!

    I hate sitting through mindnumbing YouTube videos as typically they're completely uninsightful (rct2 might be a different situation, I suppose, especially being a beginner), I feel like jumping in and learning as I went might've been a mistake...

    Are there some tips I'm missing and how the hell am I supposed to see the entrances and plan the paths without buying the coaster and hoping it going to work? (I've rebought the same thing several times when I can't get it working!)



    what is the best way to drop out a threaded screw?

    So I've got some rusty old floor screws that I can't loosen with a Phillips head (they're old, so I'm betting it's not posidrv). The notches are all rusted and it hardly bites at all.

    If I drill them out, I know I'm in for a hard time but am I better off going for a really fast rotation or slower?

    And should I start with a narrow drill bit and work my way up (historically I've broken a few doing this in the past) or just begin at the intended diameter?

    Yes, in fact I do work with computers - isn't it obvious?


    Aotearoa daily kōrero 21/07/2023

    I've hidden this 'cos it's a dupe and the other has more accurate conversation

    Welcome to today’s daily kōrero!

    Anyone can make the thread, first in first served. If you are here on a day and there’s no daily thread, feel free to create it!

    Anyway, it’s just a chance to talk about your day, what you have planned, what you have done, etc.

    So how’s it going?


    'Religious debate' time! Check in with your tire pressure...

    I'm curious what other folks are doing pressure-wise.

    I'm fairly lightweight (70kg, possibly after lunch? With back pack and water, who knows? I usually carry extra tools, etc...), and run 2.6" 27.5/650b tires.

    Rear is around 20psi, but it's tubeless so I generally catch it once it's slipped down to 15 or 17 after a few weeks :). I've just realized I'm not even sure what the tire is, but it's a maxxis brand, so probably actually 2.4" wide compared to most other companies - not much clearance on my Intense Recluse

    My front is usually about 18psi, on a specialized 2.6" somethingorother (pretty sure it's not a butcher)


    Need a little help with a shitty website

    So, I spent most of the day troubleshooting a website that drastically slows down when 'a browser looks at it funny'...

    Usually it behaves fine - it's not the volume of requests, my teammates think it's something about the kind of requests. But they're struggling to get the logging properly configured.

    I'm an EUC engineer (p.o.s. website requires IE11 and ActiveX controls - yay healthcare!), so mostly helping on the sidelines, but I'm looking for some 'supportive' suggestions...