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Is it even possible to protect yourself from fingerprinting?
  • The least unique setup is not to keep doing more special shit. You underestimate how many people run a vanilla safari or chrome browser on a MacBook with no external displays.

    Linux, external monitor, special browser? That all makes you more unique

  • Wait, not like that
  • We added solar to our house and it cancels out the cost of AC completely with our modern heat pump. And the state and federal government both gave us massive tax breaks and zero interest loans to install the panels and the heat pumps. Our loan payment total is smaller than our old electric bill

  • Even in the slowest lane
  • If you aren’t passing, get the fuck out of the passing lane. I don’t care if you are going the speed limit, above the speed limit, or below the speed limit, get the fuck out of the passing lane you aren’t passing. Stop being smug that you are going the speed limit and bottlenecking traffic on your ego and follow the actual passing laws. It’s hypocritical to be all fired up about one law and violate the other.

  • Americans say they need to earn $186K to live comfortably — but is it enough?
  • Oh fuck me I missed that zero. Thanks, this is what I get for doing all that math on my phone scratch pad

    Well, I’ll just grab the top 50 cities and it’s the same point.

    The whole point is a shit load of people live in a very tiny space relative to the total size of the country as a whole. This drives online conversion around how expensive things are since online we actually interact with people from all over

  • Americans say they need to earn $186K to live comfortably — but is it enough?
  • Population of top 10 most expensive cities

    1. New York City, New York: 8,467,513
    2. Los Angeles, California: 3,849,297
    3. San Francisco, California: 815,201
    4. Honolulu, Hawaii. Population: 1,000,890
    5. Washington, D.C. Population: 670,050
    6. Boston, Massachusetts: 654,776
    7. San Diego, California: 1,381,611
    8. San Jose, California: 983,489
    9. Seattle, Washington: 733,919
    10. Miami, Florida: 439,890

    Total Poulation: 18,996,636
    Total US population: 33,300,000
    Minimum Total percent of US population living with this issue: 57%

    What you fail to grasp is just how very many people live in very very few places.

    This gets even crazier when you account for the greater Boston population. Boston being an ancient city relative to America, has an incredibly small size. The metropolitan area extends far beyond it as the second most densely populated part of America after NYC with 4.9 million people living in greater Boston. If you account for that the 10 most expensive regions account for nearly 70% of the us population.

  • Uber and Lyft now required to pay Massachusetts rideshare drivers $32 an hour
  • We have it but the trains are catching on fire and derailing and they shut the orange line down for a month to try to fix it. Meanwhile one of our main tunnels is also collapsing so that’s shut down too. My home is one mile from downtown and it’s also directly on a bike path that goes into the city, which is also closed because it’s also collapsing into the mystic river. It currently takes me 40 minutes to get downtown no matter what transit I take including walking.

  • Shopping app Temu is “dangerous malware,” spying on your texts, lawsuit claims
  • Bit shifting is not malicious on its own. Bit shifting to specifically conceal the purpose of your policy violating code from the auditors who audit the apps submitted to the App Store is malicious.

    It’s about why you are doing it and what you are doing with it and not that it’s bit shifting on it’s own.

  • Even wealthy Americans are struggling to make ends meet
  • Wait until that first surprise medical event. In that bracket. Employed full time w/health “insurance”. Eating instant ramen and had to get roommates. Lifestyle medication woo

    They can’t make you pay medical debt. But the pharmacy doesn’t refill your meds without payment up front. And you make too much for financial assistance and the fact your employer provides insurance actually eliminates counter discounts (uninsured discounts) and other benefits.

    Plus people on the internet will accuse you of being bad at money because “nobody making over $100k is poor”

  • Fuck this guy.
  • Given the issues with minimum wage, what makes you think UBI won’t have the same issues regarding inflation and governments not raising the minimums? UBI experiments have always been in small communities and never large enough to show if inflation would simply catch up with it. What stops landlords from just unilaterally raising rents to suck up the UBI payments for example?

    Real reform would be housing credits, expansion of food aid and centralization of medical care

  • Microsoft really wants Local accounts gone after it erases its guide on how to create them
  • This. We tried to ban windows and literally the ELT blocked it because they personally didn’t want to learn MacOS despite the entire engineering, product, and medical team being on it. We now keep having to pay more for audits and for security solutions for the 15 people refusing to get off windows in mostly the finance part of the company

  • Old timers know
  • One could argue the requirements have changed because the security and compliance part of the world finally caught up to modern software delivery concepts. Even the most dinosaur apps at compliant orgs are being dragged kicking and screaming into new CI/CD tools where applying governance and custody chains and permissions and approvals are all self documented automated hooks.

  • Apple is halting its next high-end Vision in favor of something cheaper
  • For me it’s that arbitrarily not pairing them gives a higher end experience than pairing them. You can play music over multiple by just selecting them all when you air play. The only difference is the lack to stereo, which if you have them all over your house you wouldn’t want anyway.

    Meanwhile if you do pair them, then it’s stereo only. So if they are placed around the room, then arbitrarily you can’t hear some notes or vocals out of both speakers. Plus if you use Siri, for some reason only the left speaker speaks. We have an open concept kitchen and had one speaker in the counter and one in the living room on the tv stand and it was just overwhelmingly stupid to have only the speaker in the kitchen speak back.

    It’s also stupid I can’t buy a single big home pod and pair it with 2-4 minis to make a 7.1 surround. Or even just pair more than 2 minis.

  • Why do posters say that increase in Linux Steam share doesnt count becuase its mostly steam deck users?
  • It’s a bell curve. Believe me, after spending my entire work day doing Linux shit as a SRE/Devop/cloud engineer over the last 12 years of my career, the absolute last fucking thing I want to do when I stop working is fiddle with one more goddamn Linux issue before launching a game. True elites don’t give a fuck and just want to play the damn game. You can spot a poser the second they take it too seriously and bitch you out for running vanilla mint or whatever

  • Anon is a real 4channer and definitely not a fed
  • Wait. Some school districts actually have everyone take this by default? Our public schools kept the recruiters in a dark corner of an unused hallway behind the library and you had to actually go out of your way to talk to one to make an appointment for ASVAB testing