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It's only okay when MY favorite country does it.
  • Your source is fine 👍

    Yours says that ~90% of their users are not from the US.

    Despite the US being Tiktoks largest single-country user base they still only make up a sliver of their monthly-active users.

  • I didn't think this needed to be said...
  • Wouldn't obvious triggers be the prime use for a trigger warning? I don't think you understand what you're talking about. IDK what the original posts are that caused this so I can't judge them, but requiring people to use a CW when taking about Palestine seems reasonable

  • We are so close
  • I think there's a video of incel Nick Fuentes saying that because plenty of gay men have had sex with women and he's still a virgin, having sex with a woman is gay. That's pretty damn close to this.