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Meta Admits Use of 'Pirated' Book Dataset to Train AI
  • they aren't, except perhaps as a counterexample of some dubious sort

  • Police believe B.C. man's 21 drunk driving convictions most in Canadian history
  • t's a rule you agree to follow as a driver

    so is not driving under influence? Why should they care about having a license if they're going to drive drunk anyway, rules aren't stopping them

  • Nerds of equal standing.
  • Start with the newest: "Strange New Worlds". It's modern much in the way the older series aren't, but it's still very much Star Trek

  • The Steam Deck Crushed It In 2023
  • yes, that's a start

  • Huge Shakira statue unveiled in her hometown of Barranquilla
  • most vandalized letter m in the world

  • The first EV with a lithium-free sodium battery hits the road in January
  • also it's not a trivial task to engineer for swapable EV batteries, doing so comes with a whole host of disadvantages / compromises that don't make sense for most (I guess) consumers right now. It's not very different from the phone battery issue, except on a huge scale and with much more severe consequences if things go wrong

  • The Holy Trinity of JavaScript
  • Can you write a website in other languages, like c# or python?

    sure, as long as it compiles to javascript

  • Berlin says EU should prepare for war by end of decade
  • you're right, we should just let the aggressors take everything, that way nobody has to die

  • How have you personally found the Lemmy community compared to its competition and other social media?
  • I think part of it is that some of the Lemmy crowd came over because they were banned on reddit for being hyper-disagreeable, rude, violent lil bastards

    this wouldn't be the first time it happens either

  • I'm giving you Boxing Day
  • the chonk is only barely being contained

  • Ukraine says it shot down Russian fighter jets and drones as the country officially marks Christmas
  • lol but starting a war to murder your neighbors and take their land isn't

  • Yankee Claus giving toys to British children from his tank, Perham Downs, England, WW2, 1942
  • so they just slapped it on the hull and called it a day as they moved on to the M4 Sherman

    yep, but you can also easily tell from that photo that the M3 hull formed the basis for the M4 hull. Basically they wanted to build it like the M4 the whole time but couldn't, so the M3 was made on that platform as a stop gap solution

  • Ukraine says it shot down Russian fighter jets and drones as the country officially marks Christmas
  • where was the victory parade on the 4th day of this special operation?

    edit: lol I just got banned from the world news for suggesting that it's way past a hexbear's bed time. I guess I should've known those mods are tankies

  • No Holiday Pay
  • Or the no extra pay part.

    oh yeah forgot about the title, that shit will NOT fly in europe at least

  • The Christmas political compass. Merry Christmas!
  • based working girl whisperer

  • The Christmas political compass. Merry Christmas!
  • yeah, you know what they say: first one's free

  • No Holiday Pay
  • nah, a lot of people are miserable at their jobs all over the world. Just because there might be a decent social system that could tide them over should they lose that job doesn't mean they'll just quit

  • Ho Ho Holy shit!
  • hah! The 1993 documentary The Nightmare Before Christmas already conclusively proved that Santa can't even evade regular ol' flak

  • just finished assembling my simxpro x80

    I mounted a basically brand new Golf 7 seat on it, which fit with just a few washers and some M8 20mm bolts. If you're in Germany and looking for a seat for your simrig, go look on ebay, the guys I got this one from have like 30+ more brand new seats in stock for €160 each!


    The Best 120mm Fans (For PC cases, heatsinks, and radiators) The Best 120mm Fans

    For PC cases, heatsinks, and radiators

    The Best 120mm Fans

    Arctic P12 Max Arctic P12 PWM PST be quiet! Silent Wings 4 120mm PWM be quiet! Silent Wings Pro 4 120mm PWM Blacknoise NB-eLoop B12-PS Cooler Master Mobius 120 Cooler Master Mobius 120 OC Corsair AF120 Elite Corsair SP120 Elite DeepCool FK120 EK Loop Fan FPT 120 Black Lian Li UNI FAN P28 Nidec Servo GentleTyphoon PWM Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM NZXT F120P NZXT F120Q Phanteks T30 Scythe Kaze Flex II 120 Scythe Wonder Snail 120 Thermalright TL-C12C Thermaltake TOUGHFAN 12 XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120 PWM


    AMD Announces $230 Ryzen 5 5600X3D CPU - AM4's Last Stand

    AMD is announcing the Ryzen 5 5600X3D -- except the launch is being handled entirely by Microcenter, including distribution of news, press releases, review samples, and handling of the product. The R5 5600X3D is a peculiar launch: It will be exclusive to Microcenter and, from what the retailer told us, it will be in-store only. Supply is expected to last maximally 3-6 months. The 5600X3D is likely the final AM4 chip that will ever launch, technically extending the platform's life into 2023


    activitypub test post, please ignore

    just seeing if has any luck publishing this to kbin


    PU and gearbox elements used till now