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[hyprland] with the power of light™!
  • So I just built myself a new computer, and I am running Nobara. So far, so good! I was wondering, how do I enable that biscuit theme? It looks like that Hyprland thing does not work for me. Sorry I am terribly a noob at Linux.

  • Kia EV3 revealed as sub-£30k electric SUV with 373-mile range | Autocar
  • This piques my interest, however with absolutely horrid experiences with Hyundai/kia dealers in the past, I have my reservations. Especially as an ev is not as easily user serviceable compared to a traditional gasoline variant.

    Will wait to see, but really excited for the rivian r3. I’m glad low cost commuter evs are becoming a thing… I’m just waiting for Toyota/honda to create a compelling offering.

  • More true words have never been spoken
  • Ooh, haven’t heard of this. I’ve been using a regular deodorant without anti perspiration the last few months and… it’s ok. But now that it’s getting hotter, I reach for the old aluminum stick if I have to go into the office.

    I bought this (impulse buy, but on sale!) and we’ll see how it goes! My wife will tell me if it’s not working :)

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • Heck yeah I would love to never use the terminal. The terminal is the biggest roadblock for me adopting Linux. I never, ever want to open it. If I have to open it, Linux has failed for me as a windows replacement.

    I want to try Linux again, and I have dipped my toes many times, but the terminal is the major block for me, a slightly above average pc user.

  • Asus just apologized for its outrageous repair costs and RMA process
  • I need to build a new pc soon. Mine is currently 10 years old and it’s showing its age. I just don’t know what motherboard manufacturer to go with! I’m currently using an asus mobo that has been great and solid for a decade, but… I want to support a good company.

  • Weapon Breaking Done Well?
  • I actually hated tears of the kingdoms fused mechanic way more than botw. I disliked botws mechanic though, but tears of the kingdom was just so tedious. I stopped playing and 0 regrets. Tears of the kingdom just didn’t do it for me.

  • [hyprland] with the power of light™!
  • Woah, this is really nice and cool. Was just browsing all on Lemmy and it showed up. I haven’t taken a dive into Linux, but I have dipped my toes in the last two decades, and dang it, I want to try it now.

    The simplistic elegance that a nice theme can offer like this gives me peace and calm, and makes me feel welcome. Linux can be so intimidating, and many themes are harsh, this just makes the whole system seem approachable and friendly.

    Looks fantastic, and saved for my future self!

  • The flowerbeds in front of my house could use some work.
  • Hi neighbor! Believe it or not, I walk by your house all the time and always tell my wife I love it :)

    As for what you can do, I know you said you're southern exposure with a lot of sun, but I can tell you that I would consider your home and even that front mostly shaded.

    Now is a good time to mulch with some good compost. We’ve been seeing good results with just getting some black kow from Home Depot.

    Additionally, I was just there yesterday, but The Farm in Green Village (by Morristown) is open and they'll soon have plants in their shade section. Very helpful people there too. Definitely worth the trip.

    Also, we have a ton of deer, and your arborvitae look like tell-tale signs of deer nibbling. They can’t reach the top so just eat out the middle. I got a motion detected sprinkler to scare them off a few years ago and that seems to help.

    Small world, especially on Lemmy!

  • GP5000 S TR 28mm vs GP5000 AS TR 32mm on Winspace Hyper 23 SE
  • I’m not the person you want to answer this but nobody has replied yet and I find this interesting.

    In my one year of cycling and devouring all information on YouTube, to me it seems the 32 is the more practical comfortable and possibly faster set. I say faster because of this Video.

    It seems influencers in the cycling world are all about going wider on tires at the moment, with 32 being the gold standard. Since you have both sets, I would personally be inclined to set them up with a tube (perhaps cheap tpu tubes off aliexpress) and see which ones I prefer! Also, I would take a look at your average riding pace and see if you would benefit from aero.

    Again, I am just some new amateur on the internet, but I hope this helps!

  • Red Bull stick by Christian Horner for now despite Jos Verstappen outburst
  • He absolutely could break his contract. Many, if not all contracts, have exit clauses for both drivers and teams to separate. While we don’t know the details of the contracts and the clauses, they definitely exist.

    I’d love to see max somewhere else just for the shakeup!

  • Should more British homes be built using straw?
  • A boat you can take out of water and dry dock, seeing, analyzing, and fixing every interior and exterior surface. A house you cannot dry dock and check the exterior of the foundation under the soil.

  • Where's a good place to get John Brown clothing?
  • Yeah that’s hasan piker, a popular left leaning live streamer. This is probably his merch store. Dudes a multimillionaire, which fine, he hustles and I don’t believe is actively hurting anyone/ anything with his live streams, but I’d rather spend money elsewhere.