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organic chemistry fermionsnotbosons

Favorite reaction you've done/studied in the past 6 months?

I assume anyone who comes here will either have completed a reaction or studied one (computationally, in a course, for fun, etc.) recently, so why not share favorites? Include why you liked it best, if you feel like elaborating!

I'll go first.

Mine might be the reaction of an oxime (in dichloromethane) with an O-protected propargylic alcohol, using bleach and triethylamine. The oxime gets converted into a nitrile oxide by the bleach and base, and then undergoes a 3+2 cycloaddition with the alkyne to produce an isoxazole VERY cleanly. Work-up of this biphasic reaction consisted of partitioning the phases and concentrating the organics (after a weak acid wash and silica plug), resulting in publication-quality NMR data without further purification going into the next step! Very good for me as it is a key precursor that needs to be made in very large (for R&D) quantities.

It's not super fancy by any means, but I love cycloadditions, heterocycles, and reactions that are successful with minimal byproducts (don't we all?), lol.

Editorial: Turn office buildings into apartments to beat housing crisis - Los Angeles Times
  • I am in full support of this approach. There won't be a one-size fits all solution that works everywhere for every type of lot, but it sounds like the state government is allowing for creativity and flexibility in how developers make this happen. I hope there is still enough oversight to minimize negative environmental outcomes and make sure the people that need it most get housed, but it doesn't has to be done perfectly to have a hugely positive impact on our communities.

  • Heard on the radio broadcast that scouts were worried about Whitmore's 'basketball iq', possibly from recent workouts? Whatever the fuck that means. Dude can obviously play well enough, has all the tools and talent, and is a steal for the Rockets at 20.

  • True, someone reliable to handle the ball is needed now (to lower Lebron's usage) and in the future -and Hood-Schifino has great potential - but I am just saying they had options with a better chance to be plug and play into the rotation. The front office of the Lakers hopefully has something up their sleeve that gives them a fighting chance to come out of the west in 2024 without completely sacrificing their long-term future, but if they had to err in any direction I wish it was towards winning now.

  • Yes, that was my first thought too seeing Jacquez Jr. at the 18 spot. I thought maybe I was biased because of UCLA affiliation but either way he's seasoned as hell compared to all these one and done players. I feel like Miami picked him for just that reason, and I have no doubt he'll give them valuable minutes during their 2024 playoff run.

  • Why does list J. Hood-Schifino at 6-4 but then in their analysis call him a 'big point guard, standing at 6-foot-6'? Weak. Anyway, I am not sure about the pick considering that the Lakers need to get better ASAP. Seems like a pick for the post-Lebron future, I guess.

  • [New Album] PetroDragonic Apocalypse - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard is out now!
  • Gila! Gila!

    I heard Gila Monster and Dragon as singles already, of course. I was impressed with both - maybe Dragon wins by a snout for the more interesting (IMO) guitar riffs, and the syncopation between those and the drums/bass is pretty cool. The overall style being less thrash and more prog sounding than Gila Monster makes me favor it a bit more as well. Gila Monster sounds like it could have been made by Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets era Metallica - if they took themselves a little less seriously - which is very badass too.

    I will listen to the album all the way through tonight and report back!

  • What's everyone's favorite book in the series? (Spoilers all)
  • I was fascinated with the Aiel when I first read the books, so The Shadow Rising and The Fires of Heaven were 1a and 1b for me. On my last re-read I really liked The Path of Daggers and Winter's Heart the best. On this re-read I am now on WH, and I still love it, but who knows? Maybe this time through Knife of Dreams will leapfrog to the top (it's already up there as it is), and eventually Sanderson's style will click and I'll like one of the final three books best when it's all said and done.

    I dunno, I grew up with the books, and as I get older I identify with the story and RJ's style in different ways. He was a master at depicted the subtle nuances of character growth so well, and with his limited 3rd person perspective I find myself in the shoes of each main PoV character and those shoes don't always fit the same, lol.

    Just yesterday I read the chapter where Rand first sees the steam engine prototype in action, while debriefing Dobraine at his academy in Cairhein. So much was packed into such a otherwise mellow scene. I love these books so much :)

  • Who dat?
  • Yeah, the cat posts sprung up fast which made me very happy, lol.

    And Hendrix says thanks for the compliment. You'll definitely see him on here again, he's too photogenic not to share.

  • Your fantasy favorites and why?
  • Definitely, let me know if you ever want any specific recommendations, cause Dragonlance and Discworld aren't exactly linear series (they're mostly collections of stories in the same universe).

  • Who dat?

    Woke him up from nap #6 that day.

    Do you listen to any new bands? Or just same as 10 years ago?
  • Actively searching for new music is fun to me. I ask for recommendations from close friends, family members, people I know online, and just the internet in general. Typing 'artist that sounds like _______' into a search engine has been surprisingly successful, almost on par with the other methods, lol.

    I also just recently discovered Bandsintown, which suggests artists playing live in my area that are similar to the ones I am already following (i.e., willing to pay money to see). I listen to a few of their songs and if I like them enough, now I have a new performance to go to!

    For every song I listen to from my teens/20s, I listen to at least 2-3 songs from artists I discovered much more recently. The amount of good music is never the problem - there's just not enough time in the day!

  • [Post Game Thread] The Denver Nuggets are the 2023 NBA Champions.
  • Always nice to see a team finally break through and win a championship. Congratulations Denver, you have an awesome team!

    Kudos to Miami for their impressive playoff run. Now for a break from basketball, at least until next week when we start chasing trade/FA/draft rumors, and of course, counting down until October.

  • What are y'all's all time favourite game OSTs?
  • Final Fantasy IV (released as FFII in North America) is my favorite of all time, just gorgeous. Shout out to Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 as well, for bringing a nice mix of rock and hip-hop subgenres into our homes.

  • Let me start the discussion, what's your favorite way to consume weed and why?
  • Mostly vaping oil (live resin ideally) over the past 5 years due to the convenience and portability. However, I have recently become a fan of cannabis drinks. I take a cap full of 100 mg/mL apple-flavored drink and in 15 minutes (30 if I just ate) I am glassy-eyed and feeling good for the next 2-4 hours. It's reliable so I never get too baked or not baked enough. Also, better for my lungs!

  • No cardboard box? No problem, this'll do!

    She hears the crinkling sound of the paper bag and comes running from the other room.

    Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • On book 9 (Winter's Heart) of the Wheel of Time right now, albeit for the 4th time! If it's your first read of the series I hope you're enjoying it, it's my favorite of all time. Book 11 is one of the very best!

    I also just started The Prince of Nothing series, for which I've heard good things. I'll have more to say about it later.

  • Hoping to drive more engagement here, sooooo....
  • IMO, yes, it was a good first season with some flaws that will hopefully be improved upon just like the first book was good (not great) and definitely improved upon by subsequent entries.

    I've read the series 3 times, and am on my 4th read (book 9) right now. Having re-read book 1 in 2019, I had a pretty clear memory of it when the show premiered and was glad to see some repetitive and inconsistent content from book 1 cut and replaced with more integral subject matter (e.g., the warder bond).

    Overall, I am most happy to see the world and characters introduced to a larger audience, who seem to be finding the books in the lull between seasons. I also typically give adaptations plenty of leeway to tell the story in a way that works for the new medium. I am psyched to see how they did with season 2.