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if you like doing your job and going home, how do you bear with coworkers who are lazier but more popular than you and get away with doing less?
  • I find myself trying to control me not to yell 'I don't give a f*ck about you, leave me alone', which of course earns me an invitation with management...

    If this is not hyperbole: you are either neurodivergent, an asshole, or a neurodivergent asshole.

    Most people don't want to discuss politics or religion at work, most people don't really give one sliver of fuck about their coworkers' personal lives, and most people manage to smile and nod and move on when these things inevitably crop up on the job.

    To your original point, there are almost always going to be some combination of people who:

    • skate by doing the minimum
    • manipulate others to make themselves look better
    • create or encourage drama among peers

    This happens both on the job and elsewhere, because humans are selfish complicated creatures with different experiences and different value systems. You will always have to deal with these situations.

    It might be helpful to remember that any action you take is unlikely to change other people for the better (or at least, for your concept of "better"), and will almost always result in negative consequences for yourself.

    tl;dr: There's no magic incantation, you gotta figure out how to deal with bullshit in a way that doesn't drive you nuts. There is no "fair" workplace.

  • Unofficial Reddit API
  • API access was only half the problem. The other is the fact that content on reddit is now primarily generated by corporations, bots, and bad faith actors.

    Going there for specific threads (e.g. help posts in programming subs) seems okay-ish, but scrolling the front page is a doomed endeavor at this point... not much different from Facebook or Instagram.

  • This is a meme about beans
  • I mean, the three sisters works wonderfully as long as you're not trying to harvest mechanically or minmax your yields. It's a great way to produce food for a family or small village with a comparatively small amount of land and effort.

    It's common in backyard and community gardens for a reason. To my understanding: (1) corn is a fast growing, relatively high yield calorie and carbohydrate source and provides a natural trellis for (2) beans which stabilize the stalks and provide a protein and vitamin source, while (3) squash serves as a ground cover to retain moisture, limit weed growth, and produces fruit high in fiber and vitamin C.

    The beans do fix nitrogen but this only plays a role in replanting for the next season, reducing or eliminating the need to fallow.

  • 10 June 2024
  • How many times do I have to tell you? Jacking off on chicken eggs is not going to create a human/rooster hybrid.

    Now pull your pants up and get off my farm before I call the cops!

  • Gun porn rules
  • Depends on whether she raises her head.

    As pictured:

    • Depending on the ammunition, her ass jiggles either sightly or substantially
    • Her hat is probably displaced
    • She wishes she had doubled up on hearing protection

    Lots of things could go wrong here but him pulling the trigger from this position is relatively tame. Stupid as fuck, but tame.

    She will feel no effect from the barrel heating up as the other commenter said, for two reasons.

    First, one shot doesn't really do much to the barrel temperature - you'd need multiple shots in relatively rapid succession (i.e. several within a few minutes) for the barrel to start getting uncomfortably warm.

    Second, the barrel isn't resting on her gluteal cleft; the receiver is. This part of the rifle is designed to be held.