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Free Speech
  • Is Colin Kaepernick black in America? I can see he wears his hair long now but in the UK you'd just say he looks vaguely mixed race. Very Caucasian features actually, kind of looks French-Algerian.

  • Invasive species [The Daily Drawing]
  • I would say the person was being nosy or intrusive, I'd never say invasive as that conjures up something more physical. In my usage of the language, at least. You can invade somebody's personal space, I suppose. You can have an invasive procedure. Intrusive thoughts or enquiries. Invasive weeds or surgery... perhaps even relatives if they move into your house and won't leave!

  • Piracy
  • A professor of mine sent me a similar email when I said I was having trouble accessing some journals through the University library portal:

    "One should definitely not use Sci-hub, if you catch my drift."

  • Unbelievable luck!
  • I think they are all sold to a company that wants them. Like McDonald's or something. No idea, not going to check either. Maybe a mayonnaise company, that would make sense wouldn't it.

  • rucking feedum_sneedson
    Did 10km with 20kg yesterday.

    Terrible time, and my hip flexors are smashed to bits today.

    So how do I get better?

    Should probably mention this was the first time I've ever tried rucking!

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