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Julian Assange's sexual assault accuser is "happy" he's free
  • I still see absolutely no reason to lock him up. Just because he's biased towards one side that doesn't make the crimes of the other side any better. Ideally, yes, he should publish everything. But that's not the case. And it's still irrelevant.

  • Pinkwashing explained: How Israel leverages gay rights to put a ‘progressive veneer atop atrocity’
  • The same Israel that blackmails queer Palestinian civilians to become informants.

    The same Israel with politicians sitting in the current government and leading parties that agree that "LGBTQ" is the biggest threat to Israel.

    The same Israel that still doesn't allow same sex marriage.

    The same Israel that claims that killing civilians is okay because they might be homophobic.

    As a queer dude, not in my name. Fuck Israel. I don't give two craps about their pinkwashing.

  • In Ukraine, Killings of Surrendering Russians Divide an American-Led Unit
  • Killing surrendering soldiers is a war crime. Besides that fact, it's fucking horrifying that these people will come back from Ukraine and walk around freely, knowing that they executed tied up prisoners for shits and giggles.

  • How a Gaza 'stunt' divided Australia's parliament
  • Have them vote inside of the party. You don’t need them inside the government. There’s no reason for that to happen. Stop putting lists of names on the ballot, just put a party name, and have these experts work inside of their parties then send a representative from said party to the government to cast the party aligned vote and weigh that vote by the amount of votes they got. You’d save on the administrative costs for the parliament and all of this business would be taken care of inside the individual parties. You can still give parties money to pay their own people according to their own preferences. You don’t need to have 700 people sitting in benches in a public building to virtually cast the same vote when they could sit in benches in their own party headquarters and deal with their discussions internally.

    That is if we vote only for parties and not for people.

  • The government of Cuba declares itself in a ‘war-time economy’
  • By the same logic the entire planet should’ve already sanctioned and embargoed Israel (for what it's doing in Palestine) and the US for doing the exact same thing as Russia but in Iraq (starting an illegal war) but I don’t see that happening.

    Cuba is saying these things because Russia is one of the few countries still willing to trade with them. They’ve been hit by crippling sanctions for decades for doing nothing wrong and they’re trying to find ways to survive. End the embargo and you’ll see that change quite quickly.

  • How a Gaza 'stunt' divided Australia's parliament
  • Then there's absolutely no reason to have individual representatives. Just have one representative per party that represents the official party line in the parliament. No need to pay 300 people to do the exact same thing in the parliament when you can have one.

  • House passes GOP bill to sanction ICC as it seeks arrest warrant for Netanyahu

    The House passed a GOP-led bill that would impose sanctions on the ICC after its top prosecutor recommended war crimes charges against Israel's Netanyahu.

    House passes GOP bill to sanction ICC as it seeks arrest warrant for Netanyahu

    Jüdische Stimme: Rücktrittsschreiben: Craig Mokhiber, Leiter Der OHCHR-Vertretung In New York.

    Die “Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost” wurde am 21. Oktober 2007 als Verein gegründet. Am 9. November 2003 wurde in Berlin unter dem Namen “Jüdische Stimme für gerechten Frieden in Nahost” die Sektion der Föderation “European Jews For A Just Peace” (“Europäische Juden für einen gerechten Frieden”) in den Räumen des Hauses der Demokratie und der Menschenrechte ins Leben gerufen.

    9 Expel all Palestinians from Gaza, recommends Israeli gov't ministry

    An Intelligence Ministry document revealed by Local Call and +972 shows how population transfer to the Sinai is reaching official discussions.

    Expel all Palestinians from Gaza, recommends Israeli gov't ministry