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Wishing for my death or a World War. Either will do. Because FML or this world.

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Geoff Keighley Wants You To Lower Your Expectations For Summer Game Fest
  • Don’t worry Geoff, when it comes to AAA games, my expectations are already at rock-bottom. I expect almost every single AAA game to have some kind of catch be it microtransactions, or live service, or some shitty launcher requirement, etc.

  • Sony hopes to entice PC players to PS5 by releasing ‘tentpole’ games for console first
  • I was saving up to buy PS5 for a long time too. But, when I couldn’t buy one, I just bought PS4 for half price and then, since Sony releases it’s games on PC anyway, I am not going to buy PS5. I have no need for that.

  • US can’t meet EV copper demand, study finds
  • I always find it ironic that people with the most money are always the hungriest for it. Their entire lives revolve around it, and they are willing to pay any other price for it. They will kill ecosystems, pollute everything and even destroy societies for it.

  • Radical acceptance
  • I don’t go for looks. I am too ugly for that. It seems I struggle with finding a common ground with women. Add to that my emotional dysregulation and you have a recipe for disaster like me.

  • depression_now! fckreddit

    Everything hurts. I know I am going to die single but that doesn’t lessen the pain.