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Mere days before its debut, the Ariane 6 rocket loses a key customer to SpaceX
  • Absolutely, and for a national security type payload that's both a requirement and enough to make a decision.

    That's a limited market though. I won't eat my hat, but I will be surprised if for example Viasat would choose to go on Ariane.

  • None for me, thanks
  • Poverty has also been the source of some of the most improbable recipes. Well, we really have nothing else to eat I guess we will have to eat this. 100 years later it's a local delicacy that everyone hates but you "must try it"

  • Kulkorv
  • Accidentally ended up with two packs of denniskorv in the fridge and I really wish they too would have disappeared 15 years ago. Not even the 5 year old who would live off of hot dogs if we let him will touch it.

  • The rule of butter
  • Then I might be lying. Was all convinced I saw it at ICA, but can't find anything online now 🤔

    Unless they imported something under the radar maybe it was the "plant b+tter" I was thinking about.

    My colleague was quite adamant that it was vegan butter he had used for the cookies he brought.

  • Germany Has Too Many Solar Panels, and It's Pushed Energy Prices Negative
  • That split system is how it works where I live. Obviously it's quite difficult to have competition for the infrastructure. So I can choose who delivers power (well, I mean it comes from the same grid. But different companies buying power from the same spot market charge you different amounts 🤷) but the infrastructure is a monopoly. Not only do we pay a fixed fee for the infrastructure, but also a transfer fee (and taxes, and also taxes on the taxes)

    So in the end I pay more for the infrastructure part than the power consumption.

  • Piracy
  • Who's excusing anything here?

    This is a pihole/Adguard home type service with centralized blocklists. No more, no less.

    As far as I am aware "they" cannot inject anything into any website. That would require some pretty nifty mitm attack.

    I have not personally reviewed all of the code, but the people making AsusWRT-merlin that this router runs have a pretty good idea about it. I will let RMerlin speak on this issue, knowing more about this than myself.

    It is definitely something to be aware of and consider for yourself. But just maybe people have some knee jerk reactions sometimes that are not helpful.

  • Feedback on hexclad cookware?
  • My parents had them and were ecstatic at how great they were. Unfortunately that's in the past tense.

    They lasted longer than other nonstick, but in the end they started peeling just like other brands and they went back to cast iron and stainless.