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Anon reflects on e-sports
  • Just goes to show many gamers do not infact know what "input" lag is. I've seen the response time a monitor adds called input lag way to many times. And that mostly doesn't in fact include the delay a (wireless) input device might add, or the GPU (with multiple frames in flight) for that matter.

  • Big Surprise
  • No. Many certificates are only valid for a couple months to years into the future. Many websites wont work if you set your system time to +5 years, because most certificates won't be valid for that time.

  • ich😬🔫iel
  • Hast du den Artikel gelesen?

    Es gehe nicht darum, jetzt Menschen abzumahnen, die „Stolzmonat“ verwendeten. „Das sieht das Marken- und Patentrecht so auch gar nicht vor“, sagt er. „Ich würde mich abends nicht zufrieden ins Bett legen können, wenn ich denke: Cool, wir haben wieder einen abgemahnt.“ Missbräuchliche Verwendung würde schnell zum Lizenzentzug führen.

  • Gently shake your phone rule
  • From my experience, it works something like this:

    The butt is pretty dark, so you're brain takes a little more time to make a coherent image out of it (think of it like averaging what you see over a short time). This is amplified by the fact that while the center of your eye is better at seeing color, it's worse at seeing in the dark.

    So essentially you're tracking the butt (blue: worst color vision when dark) with the center of your eye (slow) which isn't seeing the movement of your phone (yet) while you see the white move immediately because it's brighter and not in the center. Normally you wouldn't notice the difference in speed, but when both effects are combined it is large enough to notice. It also works best in a dark room with the screen brightness on low, probably.

    TLDR: you see slow when dark and blue and center