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extratone David Blue
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Scientists Use WiFi to See Through People's Walls
  • scientists bout to see me on the goddamned pot.

  • Electric Cars
  • Depending on the generation of CR-V, I suppose - and without any hard math/stats despite how hard I've tried - I suspect the net impact of your relative driving it for the rest of its usable life vs buying a brand new EV to be significantly less, considering Lithium mining, curb weight, etc.

  • Fitbit Clock Face
  • Datestamp horror.

  • The State of Tweet Mockups

    does anybody have/know of any still-working apps/services for creating mocked-up images of single Tweets?

    It occurs to me that I'm late in addressing this and panicking a little bit lol... Given the state of things, it definitively no longer makes sense to embed them imo... ( stopped working a few weeks back, anyway, which was a real wakeup call lol.)

    ... but obviously, I still come across Twitter content I absolutely want to retain every day.

    (if you're still not sure what I'm talking about - the exact same function as Re:Toot's exclusive purpose, but for Tweets instead of Mastodon posts.)

    I've inadvertently spent more than an hour this morning going back through my favorite old methods and loosely classifying their current states. lmk if anyone desires more details on that.


    Create a customizable, feature-rich Apple Reminder for a single file. | RoutineHub

    !Mocked-up iPhone 15 Pro screenshot of an example result of my File Reminder shortcut.

    I created this Shortcut to address a long-present and costly need of my own: interlinked, visible task management per single files of all types. It has begun to assist me in slowing the accumulation of redundant/duplicate/forgotten/lost files across all of my various file systems.

    Out of the box, this version requires Toolbox Pro for its whole function.

    Video Demo

    Shown are two methods:

    1. Running the Shortcut independently (which will show a file picker.)
    2. Running the Shortcut from the Share Sheet.

    Setup Steps

    1. Choose native Apple Files tag(s) to attach to the input file. (Optional)
    2. Customize behavior of the Change Case Action. (Optional)
    3. Customize the output format of the File Size detail. (Optional)
    4. Choose a List in Apple Reminders in which to add the Reminder result. (Optional)
    5. Choose whether or not the Reminder result will include an Alert. (Required)
    6. Choose the priority of the Reminder result. (Optional)
    7. Choose whether or not the Reminder result will be flagged. (Required)
    8. Choose tags (in Apple Reminders) to attach to the Reminder result. (Optional)

    "What's new in Shortcuts...," Reformatted The contents of "[What's new in Shortcuts for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10](," reformatted with care applied.

    The contents of "[What's new in Shortcuts for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10](," reformatted with care applied. -

    The contents of "[What's new in Shortcuts for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10](," reformatted with care applied.

    The contents of "What's new in Shortcuts for iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and watchOS 10," reformatted with care applied.


    New Actions

    • Transcribe Audio generates text from an audio file
    • Delete Alarms removes specified alarms from Clock
    • Edit Sleep Alarm skips the next sleep alarm, or reactivates a skipped sleep alarm
    • Open Camera opens the Camera app into a specific capture mode, such as "Selfie"
    • Open Collection navigates to a specific section of the Photos app, such as "Places"
    • Show Passwords navigates to Passwords in Settings on iOS and System Settings on macOS
    • End Workout completes your current workout session on iOS and watchOS
    • Scan Document captures an image and saves it to the Files app on iOS
    • Get Current Timer, Pause Timer, Resume Timer, and Cancel Timer are now supported on iOS
    • Start Stopwatch, Lap Stopwatch, Stop the Stopwatch, and Reset Stopwatch are now supported on iOS
    • Set Hotspot Password and Get Hotspot Password are now supported on iOS
    • Toggle Cellular Plan, Set Default Line, Set Data Roaming, Find Cellular Plan, and Reset Cellular Data Statistics are now supported on iOS
    • Start Time Machine Backup starts or stops b1acking up your data with Time Machine on macOS
    • Move Window, Resize Window, Find Windows, Find Displays, and Find Apps are now supported on macOS

    Updated Actions

    • Set Timer can now start a new timer even if there's already one running
    • Find Alarm now replaces Get All Alarms, retrieving all alarms or only those which match filter criteria
    • Set Volume can now adjust either the Media volume or the Ringtone volume
    • Health Samples now support more data types, like sleep, mood, and appetite changes
    • Event Attendees for Calendar now include a Type attribute, to distinguish people, groups, and rooms
    • Get Network Details now includes more options, such as channel number, hardware MAC address, and rate information
    • Take Photo is now more reliable when taking multiple photos in a row

    New Personal Automations

    • Transaction automations can run when a Wallet transaction is made on iOS and watchOS
    • Stage Manager automations can run when Stage Manager is turned on or off on iPadOS
    • Display automations can run when an external display is connected or disconnected on iPadOS

    Shortcuts for Timery and Charty?

    Howdy folks!

    Pretty straightforward ask: though Timery for Toggle new charting features + corresponding Shortcuts action are incredible and almost certainly all I'd ever need, I was wondering if anybody out there had ever taken the time to integrate Timery data with Charty via shortcuts actions.


    1 How awful was Steve Jobs as a person?

    Steven Ussery's answer: I worked indirectly for Steve Jobs off and on as a long-time Apple software engineer over the last 30 years. It was definitely a mixed bag when it comes to judging him as a person. He could be very nice, and he could be your worst nightmare. Different situations call for d...

    How awful was Steve Jobs as a person?

    > (It was my idea by the way.)

    Goud bless. I also like how near Mr. Ussery's name is to the word usury, given the context.


    iPadOS 17 Beta 6 GeekBench Scores - M1 iPad Pro 12.9" (iPad13,9)

    iPadOS 17 Beta 6 GeekBench Scores - M1 iPad Pro 12.9" (iPad13,9)

    CPU Result

    • Multi-Core: 8020
    • Single-Core: 2312


    Compute Result

    • Metal Score: 33014

    !Metal Performance Chart