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What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • Tomato potato.... My company uses MS because it's the fucking industry default and it sucks

    I would put more onus on them if we were talking about some niche thing they refused to give up. But MS is what everyone uses and they wouldn't be able to ditch it altogether because MS has a monopoly

  • Former head of the NSA joins OpenAI board of directors
  • So you are speculating this is all good and innocent while I'm speculating they hire this guy to aim their data harvesting in a way the government would want to pay tons for it... Yet your speculation is apparently more valid then mine because, checks notes, reasons

  • Microsoft in damage-control mode, says it will prioritize security over AI
  • There was some case where shareholders sued the board or the CEO because they were borderline embezzling.

    In the judgement there was some language that these thieves were not prioritizing the shareholders and from that, the whole lie evolved that USA corporations have to kill their grandma's if that's the only way to profit

  • What the heck is a god dang cloud?
  • We have this shit at work, they make it incredibly hard to get a fucking attachment as a real attachment instead of a link to their cloud

    Specially annoying since my organization is "geofence" but we work with people all over the world... So MS insists on switching attachments to links nobody can open outside my country

  • Former head of the NSA joins OpenAI board of directors
  • At worst it's open AI trying to buy some access to the security apparatus to get contracts. Seems less likely to me, since I don't actually think they have anything valuable for that sector.

    Didn't you just also said this in this same post?

    The Feds budget is big enough that bigger companies will absolutely prostrate themselves for a sample of it

  • Why does everyone hate Microsoft for adding LLMs into Windows and spying on users, but not Apple?
    1. MS has a horrible track record on privacy or even caring about their customers; Apple, deservedly or not, has higher level of consumer's trust

    2. MS brought out features too obviously ripe for abuse built in the most insecure way, lied about it and was quickly proven a liar. Apple says they built their AI in a secure way, their fans believe them and have not challenged

    3. Undoubtedly, there is still a huge Apple fanbase that would tell you Apple's turds smell nice. So there's a portion of that in the mix as well

  • Kari Lake continues losing streak as appeals court confirms she is not, in fact, the real governor of Arizona
  • There is a very interesting psychological phenomena involved as to why your situation and hers are different... Years of scientific study backs this

    However, in the interest of time I'll summarize it: unlike her, you are not batshit crazy

  • The diminishing returns of in-office mandates
  • Exactly right. We came back to the office 1 day a week and moved every zoom/TeAmS meeting put of that day so we could focus on "in person" work...

    My wife's team on the other hand, were told to come back 2 days a week, they chose whichever building from a few available and whatever day. The result is that she goes to an office to sit around strangers and do, uncomfortably, the same tasks she would do from home.