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Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America 'Can't Be Compromised'
  • There are many people where there is no Canadian identity

    There isn't really a Canadian identity left at this point. I live in a tiny rural community where we consider ourselves to be keeping the torch in a way... We don't lock our doors, we share and help each other, call each other on the phone just to chat, we sit around and drink too much coffee or beer and wrench on old junk. Drive around in winter plowing driveways and pulling cars out of the ditch. If a neighbour needs a tool it's just "let yourself into the shop and it's in the red toolbox, bring it back when you're done"

    The cities though? I have friends there and that community attitude is long dead. Any available resources are exploited and nothing given in return, everyone is poor and desperate and barely making rent. Our country is very sick.

  • Fetterman has to be one of the biggest disappointments for the left in recent memory
  • Insert "leftists are not liberals" meme

    Fetterman is truly for the left, he stands for the working class against the wealthy.

    Everything else is a distraction, and he realizes this fact. We need more lawmakers like him, not noisemakers like AOC going off about the unimportant issue of the week.

    Seize back control our society from the rich and everything else will follow.

  • Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
  • Correct, but often the actions of CEOs are performative and don't actually support the goal of bringing money in. They like to put on a show of being ruthless, and often behave more psychopathic than an "optimal" business AI would.

    For example, it's been proven that employee retention is one of the #1 ways to boost productivity. Costco is one of the few companies with a CEO which truly believes in this and despite paying higher wages than any other grocer they are one of the top performers in my investment portfolio.

    Remote work? Totally profitable and AI would maximize it instead of forcing workers back to the office to "put them in their place"

    4-day week? Also proven to be a net gain as workers are rested and motivated.

    A "cold and calculating" AI would be far more likely to make reforms that benefit both the company and the employees, as it isn't motivated by power structures or the need to look ruthless. Cutting pay is a losing move as it loses talent more than it saves money, and deep learning algorithms would realize this easily.

    Also the "person who owns the AI" would actually be the shareholders, who are often ordinary investors. Rather than funneling money to bloated C-suites, the money would be more likely to circulate in the economy through dividends.

  • ISPs seek halt of net neutrality rules before they take effect next month
  • Look at Saskatchewan, Canada. We're the only province with a public telecom, SaskTel.

    Most people in the cities and even larger towns have fiber, and our cell plans are significantly cheaper than anywhere else in Canada despite being a rural province with a large coverage area to population ratio.

    We also have decent electricity rates considering we have no hydro, and the cheapest natural gas in Canada. Thanks to SaskPower and SaskEnergy.

    Public utilities are the only way to do it, I'm always shocked to see people defend privatization in any way.

  • Employees Who Stay In Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less
  • Hard to see how it could perform any worse, and the wage savings could be allocated to the people actually doing the work.

    Yeah sure... The savings would go to buybacks or dividends, of course.

    And that's still a better use of funds than wasting them on an overcompensated CEO.

  • Linux May Be the Best Way to Avoid the AI Nightmare
  • probably the best optical character recognition by far

    I've actually just been working with OCR this week, trying to capture data off of the screen of a stupid proprietary Schneider device as that's the only way to get at it.

    Long story short Tesseract stinks at this task.

    The Chinese designed PaddleOCR seems significantly superior as it runs a more modern neural net and requires a lot less preprocessing. I would class it as more of a "full service AI" and not just a simple recognition system like Tesseract, it can correct for skew and do its own normalization and thresholding internally while Tesseract wants a perfect boolean raster fed to it.

    Unfortunately, the barrier to entry is a lot higher due to trying to understand their text vomit website and the fact that it seems prone to random segfaulting.

  • US Officials: A Russian Rocket Launch Last Week Likely Deployed A Space Weapon
  • During the Cold War, Russia launched quite a few nuclear powered satellites, and I mean real fission reactors, not just RTGs. Apparently they're still up there and possibly still generating power. So it's pretty much a proven fact.

  • Seven out of 10 Europeans believe their country takes in too many immigrants
  • They want society to oppose immigration and work visas so that these people will have to work as illegals, for lower pay and worse working conditions.

    Despite all the right wing wall talk, the wealthy actually benefit from a somewhat porous border for this reason.

  • World Bank’s climate plan: Pricier red meat and dairy, cheaper chicken and veggies
  • Even as a rancher (native prairie, low input) I agree beef is way too cheap. Well, it was, now it's starting to be more appropriately priced.

    Considering everything from the labour involved in raising it ethically to the nutritional value, the consumer pays very little for beef for what they're getting. Even if it means people eat less beef, the price should go up. It would also favour small farmers like me who would rather raise less cows sustainably on grass than overgraze chasing high volume sales.

  • Don't tell him how Swabian Ravioli are called in the local dialect
  • Not a Catholic but fairly knowledgeable about the religion. I believe your transition would be accepted as long as you don't live in sin by performing any acts of sodomy. The Catholics study theology relentlessly, and I'm sure they already had a way of dealing with the fair number of intersex babies born without dooming them to a life spent in unintentional sin.

    The church has never expressed an issue with homosexuality, only homosexual acts. And even those acts aren't a sin due to the homosexual intent, they're a sin because of the sodomy.

    Remember though, sodomy is a blanket term here for "sex acts not capable of producing children" so for you that would be... All of them I suppose.

    I suspect that the suggested answer would be the one they give to all gay men, for you to live as a man, but be celibate. Devote your life to God, maybe even become a monk back in the old days. A lot of monks were "confirmed bachelors"

  • I need to replay this
  • I think this is what makes Fallout a love it or hate it setting.

    Fallout tells often whimsical stories against the horrific backdrop of nuclear annihilation, and that's what gives it it's charm IMO.

    I actually feel like it's more realistic in a sense than overly grimdark settings. People are goofy, and with over 200 years since the bombs fell it's believable that people will have some laughs and some motivations other than pure survival.

  • How Anarchy Works
  • Right, but the problem is that anarchy by its nature isn't "enforced". So it exists in an ecosystem alongside other ways of living.

    If others choose to accumulate resources and use them to destroy their anarchic neighbour to seize their resources, the anarchists will obviously have to defend themselves.

    How do you defend yourselves against such a threat? To do so you are forced to accumulate resources. And thus anarchy ends up progressing to feudalism. While I like the concept of anarchy and believe it works on a small scale, in practice just about every society that is in conflict with others has followed the same path from anarchy->monarchy->democracy->oligarchy, almost as if it's forced by game theory principles.

    I feel like anarchy does work, but only in isolation from competition.

  • How Anarchy Works
  • I agree that this is the end state of our current system. Megafarms raking in vast profits and everyone working on the land is a "hired man" which is just a serf as you say. I'm just unsure if there's any way to stop it.

    The problem I see is that once again without a state to enforce that non-ownership, there's nothing to prevent groups from organizing to take resources from others. Instead of being slowly bought out, you'll be run over by a warlord and slaughtered. This tends to happen in 3rd world countries, you have a period of peace and cooperation, a building up of little farming communities until the power vacuum attracts men with balaclavas and AKs.

    Resource accumulation always leads to power, and that seems to be a fundamental weakness of anarchy. It works great in a society of small players with small goals, but how do you deal with those that would own the entire world and the followers they accrue?

  • How Anarchy Works
  • Where I live out in the remote countryside functions very much like one of these anarchist societies. However it's hard to imagine doing away with the fundamental concept that keeps peace, the ownership of land.

    The megascale farmers are always chewing at the borders of "the hills" and snapping up anything they can get. They used to ignore our rocky and rough land but their greed knows no bounds, and they already own everything else. Without the law to enforce our ownership we would be quickly run over by their much greater resources.

    Aside from that all of us small farmers work together and share and help each other only because we can and for the benefit of all.

    However I did get called out on a visit to a friend in the city as a "Vault dweller" who would acquire the things I need, return home to my little society, roll the door closed and continue to watch the rest of the world slowly collapse. I feel like anarchy really only works for this sort of small isolated community and unfortunately in a world of 8 billion, it's simply not workable as organized states will simply run over any group that doesn't collect taxes to maintain a military or other means of projecting power.

    Without that "vault door" to protect you I just don't see an anarchist society surviving in today's environment.

  • Lithium-free sodium batteries exit the lab and enter US production
  • Just bought and installed 20kWh of gently used AGM batteries, hopefully by the time they wear out they'll have been the last lead-acid cells I own. Nice to see sodium actually hit production.

    The claimed 10x C rate of lithium would be insane as lithium already has great power density. At that point it's practically a capacitor, and could even be used to replace the much hated automotive starting batteries. Wonder how it handles low temperatures.

  • I really like this song!
  • EDM / techno is kind of an exception with many albums that were designed to be played from start to finish, going hard all the way.

    If you like techno or funk at all check out Griz, almost all his albums can be put on and listened to straight through, especially if you're out driving or something.

    In particular Good Will Prevail and Ride Waves are almost entirely bangers with only a couple duds. Funky as fuck

  • the ologies don't like to talk about theo
  • This would make a good explanation for the bizarre biblical angels, especially having parts of their "body" that aren't connected to each other. They only appear disconnected in the 3D projection we see, and are actually parts of a 4D organism.

  • Unwanted dynamic range compression/ducking of audio on Android

    I've talked trash about Bluetooth for years (and rightfully so, often) but I finally did some detailed testing and determined that it appears to be my Android phone causing this particular effect. Android 10, Sonim XP8.

    The best track I found to replicate the effect was Griz - Wicked due to the massive bass hits that come in around 1:00 really exaggerating it.

    When the bass hits on Android, some sort of compressor kicks in and vocals and everything else get crushed FLAT, resulting in an awful effect where the volume fluctuates, the bass is weak, everything is garbage. This has resulted in crap audio in my vehicles for a couple years now unless I'm listening to the FM radio.

    I paired several BT devices that I had blamed for the effect to my PC, and they sound fine playing this track. Both PC and Android are using the same codec, "High Fidelity" A2DP with SBC.

    It doesn't matter which player I use on the phone, Ultrasonic and BubbleUPNP playing local copies or Youtube Music Vanced streaming, the compression is present on all of them.

    Anyone know what's going on here or want to try to replicate it?