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The lock-in problem at the heart of the Apple monopoly lawsuit
  • Erm, that's not the same thing that the comment was referring to. We're talking about paying twice for essentially the same app on two different operating systems.

    That's different from the lock in that you are referring to. Your explanation involves installing the same purchased app on two devices running Android.

    Also, I have a lot of apps and games that only require me to make a one time purchase on either Android or iOS.

  • Android users in S’pore to be blocked from installing unverified apps as part of anti-scam trial
  • This is my biggest objection. That's like when all the good drinking happens.

    I guess that's the issue with the lack of information in these copied and pasted laws.

    That law only applies to drinking in public. You can simply go to a bar and drink all you want.

    It was implemented after the Little India riot incident in 2013.

    If you're caught drinking in public, you're probably going to just get a warning and receive instructions to dispose of the alcohol. But things would be a lot different if you refuse to do so.

  • Has anyone here used the international version of a Galaxy S22 or 23 in the US? If so, were there any problems or missing functionality?
  • I assume that you are talking about connectivity issues?

    On a side note, I used an international base S22 and had terrible battery life when I was in the US. However, that's likely due to the chip's inefficiencies rather the connectivity issues. I had strong 4G/5G reception on T-Mobile.

  • Reduce margin height for posts/comments

    I think it would be a useful addition for customisation.

    For example, the margin could be set as such that it appears as a single line separator between posts/comments.