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Josh, at 19, had always thought therapy was a waste of time until he met Dr. Claire, his 36 year old therapist Leaving her office one evening, he couldn't help but........
  • .. ask her why she still hadn't replaced the bearings on her boat trailer. Claire, herself a trailer aficionado, had discovered this subject to make Josh open up and let her in on his deepest, darkest thoughts.

    Claire had in fact meant to replace the bearings just last weekend, but was appalled at the prices her local accessory store offered and ended up walking away empty-handed. Now, facing Josh's inquisitive look, she didn't know how to respond. Surely Josh would not take kindly to this explanation, as he had previously mentioned that no expensive should be spared in maintaining a trailer. Looking up, clenching her fists, Claire..

  • How did Merc get it so wrong?

    Craig scarborough has some interesting thoughts on why Mercedes' "zeropod car" struggled so much.


    Is this the small design detail behind Red Bull’s massive advantage in 2023?

    Given how the headline ends with a question mark, the answer is no. But it might be a significant part of the package.


    First post!

    My AP1s, 2001 and 2007.

    Let's see if there are any S2000 refugees from Reddit coming this way.