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GOP party convention says quiet part out loud: "We do not want to be a democracy.”
  • I agreed with you on democracy.. but you're wrong on this one. America became successful by being power brokers across the world. Not democracy. How does democracy in America going to strike an oil deal with Saudi Arabia in the middle east? Its U.S imperialism that made America powerful.

  • Finland passes bill to stop migrants at border
  • If Europe doesn't want Immigrants.. they should curtail their warmongering and that of their friend the U.S.

    You know what generates immigrants? Destabilizing Asia, Africa and the Middle East and causing prolonged conflicts and civil wars.

    The CIA needs a direction change.

  • In Seattle, a rich guy strangled a man to death, and cops seem eager to let him get away with it.
  • this is kind of his fault for breaking and entering. Aside from police turning a blind eye... I don't see why someone wouldn't defend themselves from armed robbery.

    " Heriford, who was 35 when he died, was relatively well known to Seattle police, who sometimes encountered him when doing “crime prevention efforts” at the encampment under I-5 in Northeast Seattle where he lived, according to one police report. Between October 2022, when court documents show SPD officers first arrested him for an attempted break-in, and his death this year, Heriford was was charged in at least five theft or attempted theft cases, most of those in the garages of apartment buildings like the one where he died. The items Heriford was accused of included suitcases, paddleboards, motorcycles, and cars.

    He pled guilty to a domestic violence assault charge in 2009 and was charged with violating a no-contact order in that case several times between 2010 and 2012, but court records indicate he was never charged with another violent crime.


    So we're trying to hitch our wagon to a violent thief just because they died in a failed armed robbery attempt?

  • First “Miss AI” contest sparks ire for pushing unrealistic beauty standards
  • controversial take:

    Objectification has been happening ever since women and men existed. Perfection is something humans have idolized and admired for a long time. Gods and godesses were drawn to be attractive and charismatic.

    If the universe rewards intelligence over stupidity, why is rewarding beauty over ugliness a problem?

    There is also this argument that.. let people have their circus. Extreme beauty and intelligence are something people can look at and admire for a weekend as a form of escape. But this doesn't mean people leave their partners or talk shit to their sisters "why don't you look like her", etc.

    I guess my take is missing the problem which is that young adults set false expectation of their partners and this causes problem for them later in their life. But this feels like arguing we should shut down all forms of adult entertainment because the kids will get corrupted.

  • The left-wing French coalition hoping to introduce 90% tax on rich
  • The really wealthy don't take income. Instead they park their wealth in stocks and trust funds and leverage those as collateral for cheap loans from their buddies at the bank.

    I thought communists were intelligent but this thread is devoid of any intelligence. quite cheery about something that won't even impact any capitalist.

    Don't you all know what "Capital"ist means?

    An income tax is a tax on the working class.

    You morons should stop salivating and start eating more dried fruits.

    Edit: I realize calling people morons is a bit too much. Sorry about that. I was just miffed by a few who were cheering on punishing their own class. It's so hard to find class solidarity in this day and age.

  • The left-wing French coalition hoping to introduce 90% tax on rich
  • Have you no idea how capitalists function?

    Actual communists are more intelligent than this.

    Its just hilarious seeing 400k being wealthy my man. The really wealthy don't take a salary and instead have corporations and trust funds that pay them minimum salary and more stocks and shares. They then leverage these stocks and shares using cheap loans from their bank buddies for very low interest tates.

    Income tax is a tax on the working class, not the capitalist class.