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People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • I wager some people want "dumbphones". A phone you open and just dial into without scrolling through apps. A phone with a simple screen that doesn't just gobble down battery life. So, like, a smartphone could fit this need with the right interfaces available.

  • Gen Z mostly doesn't care if influencers are actual humans, new study shows
  • It feels like a weird study. I can't tell if the study, or just the article, was trying to make GenZ look like fools yet again, when the actual results found are "GenZ is like a lot of other people in yet another way".

  • Here’s How That Disney 360° Treadmill Works
  • It doesn't grind anything basically the same way a treadmill doesn't sand anything. You're not forcing anything to stay put on the surface, you're maneuvering on the surface while the surface is counter-moving you.

  • Windows 10 reaches 70% market share as Windows 11 keeps declining
  • I've had similar experiences. Never posted questions myself, but I'll be Googling for help and find forum posts that are as toxic as you describe.

    It's been bad enough that the Linux elitism on Lemmy leaves a bad taste, even if I haven't seen as much of the toxic parts here. I know I'm not the only person of my friends group that feels this way about Lemmy's Linux crowd.