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The message for all these campus protests
  • I agree with the point that most Arab nations have accepted that Israel is here to stay. That said, as long as Israel is consistently attacked by terrorist organizations along multiple borders, not to mention the hostages, means that the fear for its existence has yet to run its course. I hope to never hear of the far-right Israeli government again, nothing more to add here. I believe the Palestinians are more likely to achieve their statehood if they also normalize their relations with Israel, accept Israel's existence, denounce Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and give up on the idea of a right of return (I understand this last point is highly controversial). I don't agree that there's a genocidal colonial project in Palestine and I still think that a peaceful co-existence is possible. Both sides must negotiate in good faith and accept concession.

  • The message for all these campus protests
  • I agree, lasting peace would has to start with not wanting to wipe the other side off the map. Hopefully one day we will agree that it is the Palestinians that must accept the existence of Israel. Hamas’ ideology is simple: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it”.

  • The message for all these campus protests
  • Israel is under constant attack by terrorist organizations and states whose official goal is the destruction of Israel. One of these terrorist organizations has over a 100 Israeli hostages. It's not about "peace", it's about "existence". The message should be about finding a long lasting way to co-exist in peace and good faith

  • Political Memes externelly

    Death of imprisoned Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny

    UNRWA Set to Lose $65 Million, Documents Show
  • Funding UNRWA is the primary factor perpetuating this conflict. I agree that aid should come, ideally from some neutral unbiased side, but funding UNRWA is the opposite of an investment in peace

  • LA Times fires 115 journalists in ‘HR zoom webinar’ following union protests
  • I never lived in LA and I have an LA Times subscriptions. As far as I can tell, it is still provides quality journalism, despite some questionable decision making. I keep supporting it primarily because I feel like if it goes under then it will leave a big news void on the west coast. I try to support local media in addition to some of the big brands

  • California eases COVID protocols, mild cases no longer warrant isolation: State health department
  • "California Department of Public Health order allows return-to-work and and return-to-school in cases that have no fever for 24 hours, with mild and improving symptoms" but "...emphasizes the potential infectious period remains at two days before symptoms began or testing positive, through the next 10 days"

    Do you want outbreaks? Because this is how you get outbreaks!

  • Majority of Israeli Jews ‘support the removal of Palestinians from Gaza’
  • I tried, but failed, to find the poll Loewenstein referred to when he was quoted saying: “There was a poll just this week that found 70-80 percent of Israeli Jews support...", regarding what the title claims. Please share if you have it, I find it hard to believe this poll exists.

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    The thought of going back to reddit


    What are your plans c/frasier?