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Democracy in decline worldwide, new report says
  • The article is about direction, not position.

    The report is even already way off regarding Slovakia, who just elected an authoritarian with sympathies towards Russia. Romania is a bit shaky too, they have very little trust in the democratic government, and could probably easily be swayed by a populist who says what they want to hear.

    The article uses the report to show that Slovakia and Romania have improved relative to their prior measurement. It is silent on their positions relative to other democracies.

  • Humans may be just as capable as dogs at following a scent trail
  • I have a friend named Dave who wore so much patchouli that, if I went by his house within twenty minutes after he left, I could follow his trail through the open neighborhood and find him on scent alone.

  • Capitalization and spell-check in login

    Disable capitalization and spell-check in the login form fields.

    Nomenclature in login

    The term link refers to text that can be interacted with, usually in a web page and usually to take a user to somewhere else. Better to use a term like domain in place of website link.

    Creating posts

    I’d like to see you add post creation. I’m having to post to this community using apps other than Avelon.

    Subscriptions view

    A few things in the Subscriptions view:

    • It appears to sort in descending order by community name; be nice if I could control this
    • No way to refresh; I have to restart the app if I subscribe to a new community
    Panorama of the sky in Grinnell

    From one end of the street to the other. Nothing like the Western Kansas sky.

    Tel Azekah archaeological site

    ! ! !

    A few years ago (pre-pandemic), my wife and I participated in a dig at Tel Azekah. We uncovered stone walls, figurines, and had the good fortune to find a mostly-intact pot containing seeds.

    Judaism emmeram
    Shavua tov/שבוע טוב

    What are you anticipating this week?

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