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Number Line Branch ·
  • I thought they called it "complex" numbers

  • Anon wants to be a vampire
  • Exploit does mean "use/utilize" but I assumed the common subtext of "use unfairly or in a manner not conducive to overall welfare"

  • answer = sum(n) / len(n)
  • Any practical universal function approximation will go against entropy.

  • Anon wants to be a vampire
  • Doesn't consent imply the absence of exploitative forces?

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • Tons of people have done stream of consciousness much better.

    Any recommendation or favourites?

  • Fuck up a book for me please
  • Yes a shooting. I saw the movie so I remember the pool scene

  • what’s your thoughts on Linux and Windows…
  • Looks like something an underpaid school teacher would whip up

  • Eat shit Spotify.
  • Sounds like a temporary issue but google does take its time to fix anything

  • Eat shit Spotify.
  • I used to like Spotify. Right now YT music feels just way better. No fluff yet, just music. Plus all of the unofficial covers which are on YT are on YT music

  • Panic "Screen of Death" To Gain Monochrome Fat Tux Logo In Linux 6.11
  • I guess it will make developers who develop the kernel and its components go "hehe fat penguin anyway let's continue debugging this mess"

  • Praise #Science!! #Blessed
  • This meme is so bad I unsubscribed

  • Sheep 🐑
  • The reason it's easier to remember for humans is a double edged sword. If you accidentally type in text fields which don't mask input, it's easier to memorize for someone paying attention.

  • Stop use docker
  • Steam OS isn't an incremental rolling release, right?

  • Academia to Industry
  • My organic neural network (brain) > yours (smooth brain)

    I jest

  • So would he call this a win or a loss?
  • I am an engineer but even I felt insulted on behalf of mathematicians when you referred to him as the motions guy 😭

  • Happens all the time
  • I was mostly joking about a stray pointer of type uint32_t*

    So the size of the pointer itself doesn't matter

  • Just little guys
  • Teatchers



  • Happens all the time
  • That's what makes us humans different from computers. We don't ask how high, we just do it. Now, if it were a C pointer it would jump anywhere from 0 to 2^32-1. That's why C is more suited for artificial intelligence than it might initially seem. Thanks for coming to my tedx talk

  • Programming as a hobby means I can do whatever I want!
  • Typical Computer science vs typical computer engineering

  • Go! Go! Bio Majors!
  • Geologists