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Devs should not be "forced to run on a treadmill until their mental or physical health breaks", says publisher of Manor Lords, citing how gamers seem to be trained to expect endless content work now
  • AFAIK u get a half release before to get some attention and media/youtubers coverage and people to test your game and make suggestions.

    Then you get another release when exiting EA (notifies whishlist and steam gives boosts visibility to released games for a short while and it gets extended if it goes well)

  • SponsorBlock (and DeArrow): "YouTube is currently experimenting with server-si…" - Fosstodon
  • This one might be harder, if YT just sends the ad like it was part of the video file, generating it on the fly, it's a lot harder to detect, and probably not too hard for them to do, but breaking timestamps is pretty bad for some types of videos, like tutorials.

  • Jean Jean?