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Google’s expanded Find My Device network might arrive in a few days
  • IMO Tile is fine because usually you forget where something is because you left it there, and so your phone will tell you where you left it, you really only need a network if the thing moves after you left it somewhere.

  • Why don't banks like root on Android?
  • The issue with option one is that scammers get old (or not technical) people to do stuff when they don't know what they're doing and click the box not knowing what they just did. So yes very frequently they need to protect people from themselves because they're dumb, but I still expect banks to do business with those dumb people, sooo.... Option 2 it is.

  • Friday Facts #402 - Lightspeed circuits | Factorio
  • You're right, I forgot it was someone else who compared it to the mods.

    I do feel like this was a good choice though. I feel like adding more features would result in a worse UX for the users who don't need something more complicated, or they take more dev time to develop the UI so there's an awesome UX. But this strikes a good balance of dev time and UI work. There's very little UI design required for this, and it's probably fairly simple to implement. Anything else would be more complicated and for a feature probably not needed by most players. For everyone else there's mods.