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Apple: Your data is never stored or made accessible to Apple
  • This is very entertaining. Ok, I'll keep going until you stop replying or I'll get bored.

    I never said that Apple did nothing wrong. All I'm saying is, you say "Apple reads your data without your permission!!" and I say is "Really? Send me a news article to confirm this."

    You haven't done this - and I suspect you either don't want to do it for the lulz, you are a bot that cannot search the internet or you're too proud to do so.

    All you need to do is to give me one link. One single link. One tweet, even!! Then you shut me up. You can laugh at my face at my stupidity, call me an ignorant, a sheep, a moron. You can do that by posting juuuuuust one link backing up your claim.

  • Apple: Your data is never stored or made accessible to Apple
  • Lol! Oh stop with the projection. Though this conversation is entertaining, I must admit.

    All you need to do is is give me one, one single link to shut me up. I'd even say "I stand corrected. I'm sorry, fellow commenter." But for predictable reasons, you aren't doing that.

    You remind me of that interview with Sarah Palin. "What newspaper do you read?"

    "All of them."

    "Can you name one?"

    "All of them!"

    But sure. I'm the troll spreading claims without backing them up.

  • Supreme Court rejects challenge to abortion pill mifepristone
  • As much as I hate how things are developing, no. We're not spiraling into a theocracy. Some States, for sure. But at the Federal, nah.

    Having said that, I agree with you. The only way to continue ensuring the encroaching of these fucks is by voting.

    Edit: I'm not denying that there is a problem. I'm just saying that it's not as hopeless as it sounds. We still need to continue taking action.

  • Tech Bros Invented Trains And It Broke Me - YouTube
  • It means that the video may have an embedded ad about a wallet (I'm guessing a crypto wallet), which says "it's important to select the right wallet."

    Another reason why AI is not there yet. Funny!