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  • It's 85% now and it's probably because it's just a fucking funny drawing of a shrimp drinking tea and speaking silly stuff... (it may also be because being trans or feminist has nothing to do with humor, stop pandering)

  • Oof ouch owie
  • Calm down buddy, nobody called you a sovereign citizen. The comment above yours is just saying that trying to renounce citizenship but not being able to emigrate (since nobody else wants us) would leave only the option of sovereign citizenship, which obviously doesn't really work or solve anything.

    Stop looking for something to feel offended about and read properly.

  • Not exactly helping the proles.
  • Their election system (basically winner-takes-all) pretty much guarantees that it will converge in a two-party system with roughly 50/50 share and people voting for "the lesser evil" rather than their favourite. If a third challenger appears, it will split the voter base of the more close candidate and guarantee a huge victory for the farther candidate (the opposite of what the challenger stands for). So essentially it's doomed to be a bipartisan circlejerk unless the election system itself is changed.