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Youtube replaced unicode emojis with fucking images
  • Odds are they did it so everyone would have uniform emojis. Would also enforce the gun to squirt toy change. Also it may be a remedy for the fact that android updates suck ass. A new phone may never be updated and be stuck with old emojis. Google should have learned by now to abstract away the hardware drivers, but that would make too much sense.

  • How do people feel about reviews like this?
  • It's fine. Have you ever played a game and liked it, but then they updated it and then it sucks? That's how it is with me with 7 days to die. It was great until a certain update then they completely changed the game progression because the have devs didn't like how people played their single player game so they nerfed every single system, forced progression to a specific path, and made the game more difficult. Fuck em.

  • Headlines
  • I don't know, he just 'fits the description'. Now his friends and family are all saying 'he didn't do nothing'. But statistics don't lie, when 1 percent of the population owns more than the 99 percent...

  • Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Announces Indefinite Hiatus

    Those following Frieren's manga are in for some bad news as the Journey's End hasn't revealed a return date.