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Horn of Balance - an indie 2D zelda-like
  • Tried it out. Liking it so far, but I might have soft-locked the demo? I think I got into a state where I can't get a key to progress. Or at least I can't seem to find it. Happy to send pics of map or copy of save file if it would be valuable.

  • Longtime Arch user, first time Debian enjoyer
  • This is interesting because I've been thinking about switching from Debian to Arch. I'm already running Nix inside of my Debian installation to get more recent apps (I don't like how snap interacts with the rest of the system, so I avoid it if I can).

    Is there anything else on a more base OS level (like apt v pacman) that you've noticed is different, if you're willing to share?

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I tried to switch to Tidal, but I found their app not as good, their integration with Sonos lacking, and no parental controls, which is important to me. Music selection was pretty good. A lot of niche stuff isn't there, sadly. For example I sometimes listen to college acapella groups, and there just isn't as much there. All the popular music is there though.

  • Dilution of the term "Open Source?"
  • IMO since the app is Louis' project that is primarily being financed by donating his personal money to FUTO (AFAICT)

    For clarity, FUTO is privately funded by an independently wealthy person, not Louis. Louis is an employee who believes in the mission.

  • Adobe tells you to use Chrome, not Firefox
  • I don't fully agree with these, but these are the cases I've heard of:

    • Deeper integration with webcams
    • USB authentication devices like Yubikeys

    I think these are better served with extensions or specific browser protocols that communicate with native apps in order to keep the crazy web world more isolated from the high-value computer world, but what do I know? My guess is that someone at Google went "You know, we're creating a lot of these specific protocols to communicate with webcams, printers, and now we want to do authentication dongles. You know what? They all use USB? Why don't we just create a general way to access USB?"

    In the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm:

  • Apple has a memory problem and we're all paying for it
  • I cannot +1 this hard enough. There was once upon a time, back in the Darwin days, when I had my eyes on a Macbook as my next computer. Apple Silicon almost got me there again. I'm itching for a Snapdragon X Elite Oryon OMGLOLBBQ SBC, but I'm not holding my breath. I bet laptop makers snap up all the chips for 2024, and then I get one in 2025.