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This place is just cruel
  • You have to drift the trolley across both sets of tracks if you want to pull that off

  • Corporate takeover of Supreme Court: all but one justice vote in favor of Starbucks
  • Sorry, best I can do is decades of bribes and sympathizing with traitors.

  • Steve, what are you doing
  • He Steve'd it for sure

  • 10 Housing Markets That Will Plummet in Value Before the End of 2024
    • San Fran
    • NYC
    • Honolulu
    • Miami
    • Vegas
    • Chicago
    • Seattle
    • Austin
    • St. Louis
    • DC
  • What was the last new thing you tried?
  • I've never heard of this Hedgehog Slice thing before, but I'm pretty sure I could eat that all in one go, or at the very least the big chunk on the left.

  • Ask a stupid question, get a far stupider answer.
  • At first I thought, "Yeah I can see where the pareidoilia set in" but then their "markup" didn't even line up with where I thought the "face" was going to be. Not sure if their drawing was terrible or I'm just not crazy enough.

  • Am I old now?
  • Millenial here, I never got on board with the no show or low cut or ankle cut or whatever socks, crew socks always. Probably not en vogue with any age group, but I also don't care. They go great with my cargo shorts.

  • Why are honeybee stingers barbed?
  • That's okay, I know how to help the bees against the honey wolverines

  • She takes after her dad
  • I can haz burbun?

  • Pretend I posted this in December.
  • It's never too late to become goth

  • Which are you?
  • TIL Dr. T'Ana is my spirit animal in this regard

  • Brushed [Perry Bible Fellowship]
  • It's like nominative determinism but for appearance

  • Wholewheat, layered with butter and braided for no reason
  • Braiding makes it 57.14% fancier

  • Obsidian CEO responds to worries Xbox could shut them down, too: 'I'm not worried about tomorrow'
  • Oh absolutely, but if you're part of MS then going around saying you're worried about MS is a good way to create a self fulfilling prophecy where you definitely need to worry about it, where before you might have actually been fine.

  • Obsidian CEO responds to worries Xbox could shut them down, too: 'I'm not worried about tomorrow'
  • Plus to admit that would be to express doubt in the parent corp, and that sounds like a good way to get on their bad side and have them start having doubts about you.

  • 90's Music edgemaster72

    Bloodhound Gang - Mope (1999)

    80's Music edgemaster72

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Higher Ground (1989)


    Would life be significantly different if no light were detectable when closing our eyes?

    Currently, if your eyes are closed you can still get a sense of the light around you, and moving your head around you can tell if you're moving it toward or away from a light source (barring maybe if you're outdoors and it's bright out all around you).

    But what if when we closed our eyes it was like full blackout? Would blinking become disorienting? Could it mess up circadian rhythms? Something else? Or would it not really matter?


    Looking for 2 player game suggestions

    Hi all, not sure if there's a better place in the fediverse to ask, but I'm looking for suggestions for a 2 player game. Something that is pretty quick in terms of set up, learning, and play. My go to for this scenario right now is the Tacocat game by the makers of Exploding Kittens, but I'd like to branch out and try some others if they fit the bill. Doesn't necessarily have to be for 2 players specifically but preferable if that's what it's designed for. Heck doesn't necessarily have to be a board game really, just something to play face to face (I mean, I don't really know what the alternative would be other than a straight up card game but that's why I'm asking for recommendations).

    90's Music edgemaster72

    Local H - Bound For The Floor (1996)

    Had this one pop in my head a few weeks ago but couldn't remember the word "copacetic" for like a full day